Lyrically Rap’s One Year Anniversary

One Year Anniversary Story

Hard to believe it’s been one year here at Lyrically Rap. We’ve had the opportunity to meet some great people and help some really dope indie artists spread their music to as many people as we can. Here’s to another great year!!🍾🍾

Our Thoughts

Chris aka “Marshall”: One year. One crazy ass year. Since we started this we’ve gone through a global pandemic that shut everything down, racism continuing to rear its ugly head, and the modern era civil rights movement. This platform has helped me deal with all the craziness more than anyone could know.  It’s really hard to believe it’s been one year since Hoosier texted me and this whole thing got started. I almost don’t believe we made it this far. This started as just a blog but it has evolved into so much more. The connections we’ve made with fans and artists alike has been mind blowing. We’ve made some great friends and have got to pick the brains of some of the greatest in indie hip hop. I can’t thank the fans and all the artists that we’ve had the pleasure of interacting with enough for allowing us to share their amazing music to the world. I also can’t thank Corey enough for being right there with me through all the highs and lows of this game. Brother for life homie! Peace, Love, and Hip Hop Lyrically Rap Fam!

Corey aka “Hoosier”: This last year has been interesting to say the least, we took a year of quarantine and craziness and challenged ourselves to be positive and help others. It’s been a completely gratifying experience to learn more about the rap game, to get a chance to meet the people we have, and watch Chris in his prime pulling out his knowledge of the culture. 

The Lyrically Rap bubble is growing, but there is still much to do. For the next year, I hope to push myself to be more active and work on more posts on the website. There are long spells where we are inactive, and I hope to stay as consistent as possible. We also have to stay persistent with getting new followers on Instagram and Facebook, while also increasing our Google SEO success. 

We wanted to shout out to all our favorite artists that we’ve connected with over the last year. We couldn’t be Lyrically Rap without this amazing group of people. 

Lyrically Rap Bubble

Buggie Bars (@buggiebars)

Corey: I’ve probably said it twenty times now, but Buggie basically led to the creation of the website. Last winter, Chris and I shared a lot of music back and forth to each other. We felt like we were finding a lot of gems, and according to Spotify, they were not getting the listens a lot of the new wave rappers were getting. Perplexed, I started looking more at the profiles of the rappers, and paying more attention to their numbers. In that searching, I noticed Buggie had put his email in his Spotify page. That’s when the idea took hold. Let’s reach out to these artists and try to do features. Let’s get their music out there and bring the type of rap we like back to the forefront. I reached out to Buggie and the rest is history. He was instantly a fan and loved what we were doing. Now I considered Buggie a friend and can’t wait until COVID is over so we can finally have a beer. Buggie has a fun, unique sound that is fast paced and motivating. Check him out for sure!

Chris: Buggie Freaking Bars. Talk about your Day 1’s. Buggie been down with us since literally day one of Lyrically Rap. He was the first artist to actually believe in what we were doing and since then the three of us have become good friends. Not to mention the dudes “dope” as he always likes to say. You a real one Buggie!

Rockwell (@rockwell_artist)

Chris: Speaking of Day 1’s. We discovered Rockwell during the very early days of Lyrically Rap. We ran a contest on Facebook just trying to hear some new sounds and Rockwell came through with the fire. We then began chatting back and forth while he was putting out his EP. I also hear he’s back in the game. Much Love Homie!

Corey: Rockwell came through on a post we had searching for a new sound. We liked his sound, but more importantly his character. He was probably the second artist we built a good relationship with. Like us, Rockwell is working on growing his brand, and could use a follow!

Ekoh (@ekohmusic)

Corey: Ekoh was our first giddy fan girl experience. We had not really heard him too much before we started, but he was releasing an album and was doing a lot of Instagram Live at the time. We’re not socially inclined and Live was a new experience as well. He briefly interacted with us on one of those lives, probably just named our name or something, and we were screaming like the Jonah Hill meme. We’ve learned to cage in our excitement, but we’re steadily building a relationship with Ekoh, and hope to meet in person when he comes to Indy! And there was one time I got in a fight with his Facebook chat response bot, that was a good time. 

Chris: Ekoh is one of the first “major” indie artists to show us some love. We would always be hitting him up in the DM’s and I think we finally wore him down after a while. I love Ekoh’s style and the dude is one of the most talented emcees on this list not to mention one of the most fan friendly artists out there. Dude is always chatting with his fans and I absolutely admire him for that. 

Riddy K (@riddyk661)

Chris: Bakersfield CA’s own Riddy K! Riddy is just a dope ass dude to talk to. I remember reaching out to him on Facebook and he responded almost instantly. The conversation we had for the write up I was doing on him is to this day one of the best I’ve done. We could’ve probably chatted for hours. Riddy stay on his grind and you gotta respect that. 

Corey: Riddy K is a cool dude and a great artist out of Bakersfield. Chris and I kind of have artists that we cover, like we’re their rep here. Riddy was Chris discovery and I feel like he’s doing a great job of promoting and developing a relationship with Riddy and the entire Bakersfield crew. 

Durand the Rapper (@durandtherapper)

Corey: Found Durand by way of an ad on Instagram. Ads suck, but sometimes they really do work when trying to find new ears to listen to your music. Durand probably one of the most straight up dudes we cover. He ain’t holding anything back. He’ll tell you how he feels, if he likes something or if he doesn’t. That’s refreshing sometimes when you’re wondering how bad your beats are. I don’t really like Durand’s negative branding he gives himself sometimes, but really think this dude will break the mold eventually. Stay positive man, you’re talented as hell!

Chris: Durand’s catch phrase is “I ain’t shit”, and he couldn’t be farther from the truth. Dudes got serious skill and a work ethic like no other. It’s been a pleasure to watch and cover his career. Big Facts!

Nite Owl (@niteowlhiphop)

“When you show love & respect, most times you get it right back. So when it comes to social media outlets about Hip Hop & artist around the globe, you won’t find a more giving sincere authentic online publication. The fact that Lyricallyrap found me & 

my music to promote says they’ve got their ears glued to the street & finger on the pulse of the culture. 

Keep Pushing!” 🦉

Nite Owl

Chris: The OG of St. Louis Nite Owl is one amazing cat. He refuses to conform to “mainstream” techniques and continues to put out hit after hit of real, some would say, old school rap music. He has been an absolute blessing for us. Anytime we have a question or just wanna chat about hip hop dudes always there responding to our dm’s and willing to chop it up. Hell he even offered to come all the way to Indiana to help us run a show. Dudes the real deal. Cant thank you enough bro. I’m definitely gonna stay in touch with this cat and keep #flyingwiththeflock! Peace and much respect OG!

Corey: Nite Owl is a cool dude. I can’t tell if he’s older than us, or if he’s in his twenties, but the guy has a plethora of experience and knowledge. What’s even better he’s not shy about sharing with us if we have questions. I know if I need to understand something about tours or the business side of music, he’s the man to go to. 

Osay (@osaycantsee)

“Lyrically rap is an essential for any emerging hip hop artist or rap lover. They’re easily one of my favorite places for discovering new acts and discussing the latest in rap music. On a personal level, Lyrically rap has been extremely instrumental in my career. I’ve gotten the opportunity to showcase my artistry on their platform and they have been champions for me from the very beginning. Marshall and Hoosier are 2 of the dopest people I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and I can’t wait to see what else they have in store. Love yall!!”


Corey: Osay! She is just a fun person. From the instant we reached out to her, it was like we were instant friends. She knows what’s up for sure. Osay has some experience in the Industry, working as an intern for a rap label. Her beats and old school turned modern flow is where I see her where potential. I call her the new Lil Kim, and I be getting on to her for some of her bars! Just playing though. This girl OG Crew. 

Chris: Osay, Osay, Osay… What can I say about you other than you are an absolutely amazing person.  Girl almost had me choked up with that quote. Almost… She is the real deal. One of the most loving and gracious people in the world and not to mention she’s talented as hell. It’s been a pleasure getting to know you Osay. Sky’s the limit girl! Oh ya and watch out for this girl and her Hulk Hogan leg drop. Shits lethal.

Jon Connor (@jonconnormusic)

Lyrically Rap Roundtable Podcast

Chris: Jon Freaking Connor. Man I will never forget the day I received a text from his manager saying he was coming on our first rap roundtable podcast. I fan boyed out a little. I can’t even lie. After talking with him on the podcast and chatting with him over the past few months I’ve come to realize this dude is an absolute legend. No cap, I could pick this dudes brain for days and not even begin to tap into the insane amount of knowledge Jon brings to the table. Jon is a treasure trove of information and inspiration, and he is absolutely the most humble rapper I’ve had the chance to speak to. Respect this cat always.

Corey: Jon is the most inspirational person I have talked to in the rap game. He has worked with some of the greats, like being signed to Dr. Dre’s Aftermath label, but is humble and cool enough to take the time to interact with us. He is the People’s Rapper for a reason. I hope we’re able to continue our relationship and get to the point where we can offer him and all the other rappers even more valuable support. Jon Connor is the GOAT in our space. We’re really freaking excited about the new drop he has coming up. 

Logvn (@logvnhiphop)

“Being an independent artist is insanely difficult. You need to do everything yourself! You need to learn everything in the business, grind and work your ass off to get ANYWHERE with this and yet sometimes STILL no one takes you serious at the end of it all. So it means that much more to all the artists out there to have people like the ones at Lyricallyrap! They are doing something amazing by providing this platform for up and coming artists and really helping to get their voice out there. It’s always a pleasure to work with and talk to Lyricallyrap.”


Corey: I think I came by Logvn by looking at artists related to Gawne or Vin Jay. Hell, its been a year or so, so its hard to really remember. I connected with the message in his lyrics. He spoke a lot about having issues with an asshole dad, and I could connect with it on a different level then I do a lot of the other rappers. Had to reach out, and of course Logvn was as a real a dude as the hip hop music he releases. He’s gained some traction the last couple months and we’re really excited to see what’s in store for him. Hoping we can hang out soon too, as we live about four hours apart! 

Chris: Corey originally found Logvn and shared his music with me. I immediately recognized the talent but after interviewing him for one of our podcasts I realized this guy is just a very dope human being. He always has time for a quick chat and offers nothing but the best constructive criticism and support. Much respect to this man. Dudes gonna blow yall!

Jehry Robinson (@jehryrobinson)

Chris: Jehry has been in contact with us for quite a while now. Him and his team at FBA Management have been very receptive to what we are trying to do here at lyrically rap. We gon get that podcast done soon too!

Corey: Chris has built up a solid relationship with Jehry and Tara, one that begun a year ago too. Our schedules can’t ever seem to link up, but we’ll get there, hopefully live at a show. Jehry comes in strong at Strange, and its really exciting to be able to cover his music. He brings an interesting dynamic with a wide range of musical talents. Dude probably puts on a hell of show, and now its a Strange show too.  

Kvng Moses (@1kvngmoses)

The indie music business isn’t an easy route to maneuver. LyricallyRap has been “the glue” that connects other indies with other established musicians. These opportunities are huge because knowing how to apply the business is key to being successful. LyricallyRap has the sauce 🙏🏽

Kvng Moses

Corey: Kvng Moses is one of the more recent additions to the inner bubble. I discovered his sound by way of the “Release Radar” on Spotify. I listened to one song, searched his name, and listened to the rest of his tracks. His music blew me away. Production value top notch, bars for days, great music. So, I reached out that night and we’re on a podcast the next day. It’s like we’ve been friends with Moses for a while. Real dude right here. 

Chris: Corey discovered Mr. Moses only a short while ago and it looks to me like this dude has the sauce. His music is incredible and his message is one of great significance. It’s been a pleasure getting to know you Kvng!! BTW Dude is def one of my favorite artists out right now. Yall need to check in with Moses!

Tariiq (@tariiiqmusic)

Chris: My man from North of the border Tariiiq. This dude is an amazing artist and a fun dude to shoot the shit with. He blends an array of different styles into his music 

Corey: Chris found Tariiq a while ago, and wrote up an awesome story article on the site. Tariiq music is dope as hell! I need to get more songs streaming in front of me. 

Seuss Mace (@seussmace)

Corey: We first heard Seuss Mace in a collab with another artist on this list, Durand. The dude is talented as hell and a perfect fit for Strange Music, in my strong opinion. I’ve been trying to rally the social media gods to the Strange cause. He’s been in the game for a while now and its for sure his time to shine. 

Chris: I haven’t talked to Seuss that much but I really dig his chopper style of Hip Hop. From what I’ve heard of him this dude needs to be signed to strange! He would fit in perfectly with that crew.

Afta (@officialafta)

Chris: I came across Afta while researching battle rappers. This dude is insane with his battle game, but also a very talented songwriter and performer. I’m glad I got the chance to talk with Afta and do a story on him. Very dope human being.

Corey: Afta is another of Chris’ reps, but Afta a hell of a rapper. He’s a battle rapper who’s making notice of his record tracks. He’s got flow for days and can spit with the best of them. 

Hiway (@wayhi101)

Corey: Crisp. Crisp was the word I continued to use when describing Hiway to Chris. Having him on our podcast was amazing, and he really gave great insight. His rap music is top notch. I wish he lived closer so we could catch a show. 

Chris: I first met Hiway when we did our first rap roundtable podcast. This dude has been in the game for a long time and is an incredible lyricist. Dont believe me, check out his shit. You won’t be disappointed.

Mark Battles (@markbattles317)

Chris: I been listening to Battles off and on for a bit now. It’s been amazing to watch this dudes career blow up. He is honestly one of, if not the, best rapper to ever come outta indy. 317 in the house!!

Corey: There’s a lot of artists where our messages go read. Its understandable, not everyone has time to check every message, especially if we’re just sending them through gram. Mark is from our state, the best rapper in the state in my opinion. And he’s got a large global listener base, so we really didn’t think he’d react to us. But damn, he did. Dude’s got our respect. 

Jimmy Beam (@jimmybeam_)

Corey: We just stumbled upon JimmyBeam lately. I think one of his songs randomly came across my release radar. I reached out as I generally do, and now he’s a part of the Lyrically Rap bubble! 

Chris: I gotta be honest I don’t know too much about Jimmy Beam other than he’s put out some dope tunes in the last couple months. Hope yall got a chance to check him out on our Playlist, Fresh New Rapz! Keep killin it homie!!

60 East (@60east909)

Chris: 60 East has that laid back cali vibe that I really enjoy. After talking with him for the story I did on him it made me an even bigger fan. Dudes really fun to talk to and is not afraid to speak his truth! To much more success!

Corey: The vibe this dude puts to his music is on a different level. Its relaxing, but catchy. Beyond dope. I could sit back and chill all day the production. That track he did with 6057 is one of my favorite songs this year. I believe it was on Vol. 3 Playlist, which can be found searching our page. 

BARZ! (@itsbarz)

“If you wanna hear rappers lie about how many opps they killed or how much lean they pour, don’t come to”


Corey: We found Barz through one of our fans after asking for new music. I think it was probably Jake Edwards who told us. Just like everyone on this list, Barz was cool as hell when we reached out and we feel like he deserved a spot in the bubble appreciation post. 

Chris: Again not an artist I know too much about personally, but I can say that his name is BARZ! for a good reason. Dude def got them bars for yall!

K.L.A (Craig Snowden  @killinglyricsalways) 

Chris: Craig been rocking with us for a while now, bit of a funny story is we didn’t know he was KLA for the longest time. We would just interact on fb and then one day Corey sent me a link to one of his songs and it said his name on there and I was like,”oh shit that Craig! Lol Keep up the good work bro! Can’t wait to hear where you go from here!

Corey: Yeah, what Chris said. Craig had been a fan for a bit and then we found his music some time later. Craig goes by Killin Lyrics Always.


Corey: Mike, or Jay’M, or Mike MCN or something. Pick a name! Haha. Nah, Mike cool as hell. He and Buggie good friends and released a song together. I think that’s the only verse I’ve heard from Mike, but he says he bringing the heat. Where’s that heat homie?? You said the heat was coming two months ago! You enjoying those beaches too much!. Shake my head. Haha, you know I’m playing. But yeah, we’re excited to hear it!

Chris: Mike been a big supporter of ours. In fact he is the inspiration for my story, “Lyricallyrap, A Hip Hop Love Story.” Dude hit us up on IG at the very beginning of this whole thing and asked us why we would run a major IG page for lyrical hip hop. I chatted back and forth with him for a while and then got the inspiration to write the piece. Check out the story by clicking the link!

Special Shout outs to Fans & Industry Friends

Jake Edwards

Matthew Romano

Tyler Ganskow

Derek Mires

Chris Fury

Lindsey Lauren

Paul Estrada

Allen Lee

Hannah Heffernan

Shawn Lemay

Tara Ennis

Keep rockin with us yall

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