Breaking News: Merkules Enters Treatment For Alcoholism

Just a few hours ago Merkules shared on Facebook that he has entered a rehab facility due to alcoholism. He states that he has been drinking heavily since he was 14. Good news for Merk fans is he states that he was able to bring studio equipment with him so he can continue to make music while he gets healthy. Let’s all hope Merkules can get through this and come out on the other end a better and healthier person.

Author’s Opinion:

Now I’ve also struggled with alcohol abuse although maybe not to the point in which Merkules has. I wish nothing but the best and really hope the treatment he receives helps him. Alcoholism is a bitch. I mean like a girl that fucks your best friend behind your back typa bitch. This may very well be the hardest thing Merkules has ever done and we all need to send our support. Hit him up on social media and send some encouragement as he enters a very difficult period in his life. Good for you Merk for taking a stand and trying to better yourself and get that monkey off your back. Best of luck and get back to making that dope ass music as soon as you can!!


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