At Lyrically Rap, our mission is to promote quality lyrical rap to the fans, and also be a helpful source to the artist. Here are some of the services and our contact information if you’d like to get ahold of us.

Website Feature


We write website features for the sounds we like. A feature is a good way to get permanent space on the interwebs. If you’d like a feature, send your music over to



We like free flowing discussion on our podcast. We have single artist features and a Rap Roundtable discussion. We’d like to have artist, folks in the industry, and even superfans. If you’d like to be on, send us an email at Tell us a little about yourself, your music or what you’ve worked on, or why you’re a super fan!

Graphic Design

Merch Designs – $40
Album/Track Release Cover – $60
Social Media Monthly Package – $250/month

As we’ve progressed with our blog so has our skills with graphic design, you may have liked some our latest unique creations. If you’re interested in custom work from us, let us know at
In the monthly package, we offer 10 custom graphics for promotional purposes on your own social media.

Photo Sessions

Prices start at $120

In the real life, I also have a Nikon D7500. I am able to capture great pictures for album covers or profile pictures. If you’re near Indiana and are willing to travel to Bloomington or Indinapolis, I may be able to meet and capture pictures. When COVID is over, I may also start travelling to you, but travel charges may apply. Email if you’re interested.

Data Analysis

I’m a business analyst who plays with SQL and ERP by day. This is a pending service that I’d like to offer, but still need to work some kinks out with API’s to different streaming sites. Before, if you’re be interested in having discussion about the benefits I could bring your team, please contact

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