Ekoh released D3tour today – a great album, something for everyone

Ekoh released D3tour today (7/20/21), and I’m playing it as I write. A little early morning rap & coffee is good for the soul. The album starts off awesome, and I’m dialing in. Let’s see how we feel.

Giving the feature list a quick look, a lot of the songs we’ve already heard, but there isn’t anything wrong with that. They’re all bangers. The only con of bringing in pre-released songs into an album, I sometimes forget if I have already heard the song, or if its new. But that is on me, I’m scatter brained.

May be an image of text that says '1 The D3tour 2 Martian 3 Reverse 4 Locked In (ft. Rittz) 5 C.R.E.A.M. (Clout Rules Everything Around Me) 6 butterfly 7 The Edge (ft. Futuristic) 8 Nothin To Me (ft. Locksmith) 9 Dream Eater 10 One More Minute 11 whatdoyoudo? (ft. Jarren Benton) 12 dopesick 13 Fever (ft. Raxi) 14 Wrong Side Of The Bed 15 Smithereens 16 Gimme That 17 Villain (ft. Vin Jay) 18 Suicide Squad 19 Take Me Home 20 Firefly (ft Drowsy) 21 i'm not alright'

On D3tour, it looks like Ekoh brought in some big names in the Lyrical Hip Hop scene. On the album he has Rittz, Futuristic, Locksmith, Jarren Benton, Raxi, BossLogic, & Drowsy. We’ve covered most of them and they’re great choices. Everyone is a beast in their space.

“Martian” received my first heart in Spotify. The second followed quickly on, “Reverse”. Both songs have their own styles and offer something a little different than Ekoh usually offers with his Marvel and DC versus. In the first 3 songs, Ekoh demonstrates a matured, experienced sound that has grown over the past year.

The next three songs, “Locked In”, “CREAM”, “Butterfly” are three I’ve heard a few times now, and I’ll skip for now to keep the vibe on the new sounds. CREAM is probably going on song of the year nominations, and Butterfly takes a secret favorite song from my high school years, and remixes it. Usually Ekoh doesn’t like to rap about sings that aren’t current, but he hit a home run when he pulled this song into 2021.

Not sure if I heard the Edge before this, but its pretty dope. I like the addition of Futuristic to complement each other’s sound.

The album jumps to “Nothin to Me” which is one of those sounds we’ll probably hear on TV or video games. It just has that catchy grab. If Ekoh were to market it that way, this would be the song I’d probably choose for that effort.

Dream Eater takes it to a little more darker vibe. This is Ekoh’s personal love message song that will resonate well. I’m not sure who Ekoh is talking about being the Dream Eater, but when we first started covering Ekoh last year, there was always his girl in all the videos. I haven’t seen her in a while, and I was about to ask him about her in Indy. That would have been awkward. Anyhow, hope your love life improves homie.

May be an image of 1 person and text
Ekoh’s Upcoming Tour Dates. We’ll be taking pictures and covering the show in Indy on August 12th.

“Dopesick” is the next song that sticks out to me. I was about to stop writing the story because I was getting lazy on the writing, but the song came on and I was like wow. Chris and I both struggle with some shit, and then we just released news on Merkules. When these type of songs are released, it really connects with those who’ve been through it, or are still going through it. Stay strong and get to a point where you want to quit. Dope song, Ekoh.

I should have known I wasn’t going to be done writing so soon. Many of you probably aren’t still reading down here though. If you are, you’re probably a real fan of Ekoh. Hell yeah, I like you! I’m on “Wrong Side of the Road” now. Its got a real nice chill flow to it that I’m vibing too. I like the beat and tone. As you can tell the writing starts to really lacking in the later paragraphs. I’m surprised you’re still reading. I know my ass ain’t reading this far if I ever click on a link. We’ll give have to the writing award to the next blogger who can eloquently say an album is dope in fifty ways. Lol

Clicking on links makes us excited.

You get the point though. The album is dope, go check it out wherever you listen to music at. Help get the music out and share this post! Like our platforms and search out the artist’s music pages. There’s a lot of great music hidden away from the algorithms. Thanks for reading.


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