Boom Bap Phenom TARiiiQ Is a Name You May Not Know, But You Should!

Up and comer is a term that is thrown out a lot these days. Let’s be honest the hip hop game is saturated with artists right now. Some good, some not so good. It’s all relative I suppose, but trust me when i tell you that this “up and comer” is one to keep your eye on!

I was lucky enough to interview Tariiiq for this story, but before we get into that lets peep his newest joint, “No Portobello” and hopefully yall will see what I see in this amazing lyrical artist.


Let’s learn a little more about this dope lyrical artist:

I’m originally Palestinian, but was born in Dubai, moved to Toronto at around 6 years old, and currently in Edmonton for the past like 10 years or so. I had a pretty good upbringing man my parents hustled hard as immigrants to make it easy on us. My first couple years was in the ghetto-est spot in Toronto, Scarborough. Seen shootings, theft, got gang beat up and robbed my self. My parents eventually moved us to a nicer suburban area Vaughn. I went to a pretty solid school and felt like i had some awesome opportunities, good teachers, multicultural as fuck school. Used to live in a 20 floor apartment building and I lived close to the top so I’d rally up all the kids below me to go out and play soccer and do dumb shit, really learned a lot by getting my self in trouble and exploring. I’m happy my parents were relatively lax about me going out and about for hours on end. The one struggle i had was the area was primarily Jewish. I had a lot of friends who were Jewish and it was great, but being the token Palestinian amongst a bunch of Israeli’s of course lead to some conflicts. All good shit makes ya tougher, and i was just blessed to have learned from so many cultures in my time in Toronto. Moving to Edmonton was a huge change, but I feel like i picked up my work ethic and hustle here, as well as my down to earth humble demeanor. Everyone’s more relaxed and humble here than a big city like Toronto.

“Undeniable” Tariiiq

His multicultural upbringing definitely seems to come through in his production (most of which he does himself) and rhymes. There’s a definite “Boom Bap” sound to his music. We talked a bit about his influences and inspirations that influence him to create such an original sound.

I grew up listening to a lot of metal, specifically what i appreciated about it was the raw emotions, the emphasis on technicality, and the surprising, unstructured approach. Those elements have never left me since pursuing music, both in my rapping, and also DJing. In high school it was all hip hop. I take inspiration from legends like Big L, Mos Def & Kweli, Nas, Biggie, tribe, wu-tang, etc. etc. I used to bump beast coast so hard too, Pro Era, FBZ, underachievers, etc. My university years i was huge into electronic music and was DJing quite often, eventually ending up picking up the mic but on some dubstep/grime/drum and bass stuff. I take influence from the trippy sounds and intricate sound design of electronic music with my beat selections. Through DJing these genres I got super into, and still am hugely into UK music. I love their raw style and rapid flows, definitely take influence from that style, particualirily in the last verse of my latest track “No Portobello”.

I would say Mos Def for content, flow, cadence, Wu-Tang for attitude and delivery, MF doom & big pun for rhyme schemes, Tribe for the vibes, big L for the bars!


When asked what message Tariiiq wants his fans to take from his music he shows that he is a truly humble guy just trying to make it in the hip hop game.

I Guess i want to promote being true to yourself and being proud of it, rather than feeling you need to portray an image or an idealized version of your self. Rather than flaunt about materials, girls, being hard, i just talk about my self and use my knowledge and brain power to brag! I hope through my music i make that something cool. I’m pretty lyrical and like to dive deep into lots of topics, but ultimately i don’t wanna be preachy, so the vibe is always essential. Lacing conscious lyrics and important topics with good vibes and soundscapes.

“Dark AF Car Bars Sesh” Tariiiq

I hope yall come to enjoy Tariiiq’s unique blend of Trap and Boom Bap as much as i have. Be sure to check him out on all these media platforms in the links below! Drop a follow, a like, subscribe to his shit, or just you know say hello. Check him out yall!

Now I leave you with this. Light one up and vibe to this jam. Every rapper gotta have a weed song right.

Peace, Love, and Hip Hop yall!

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