St. Louis Legend Nite Owl Drops New Album: Action Oriented

St. Louis native Nite Owl dropped his latest album recently and i gotta say its an amazingly crafted, produced, and lyrically intelligent one. Nite Owl takes us back to a time when hip hop was about the message and the delivery. Check out the press release and album link below and #ComeFlyWithTheFlock!!

Press Release:

Peace To The Flock!

I suppose every Artist in every genre will look back on this time several years down the road and reflect on the music they created during the Covid pandemic.  

My time during Covid so far has been eventful and memorable.  In addition to all that is happening in the world with the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and others, I was wrongly arrested and held in jail without a mask on during this past year.  I also experienced the death of my Mother, Deborah Ann Maclin.  

I’m an only child, so my favorite place to be in this world is by myself. I’ve had a lot of solitude during Covid, and I did what I always do…wrote songs for the world to hear.  

My latest Album, Action Oriented, was written, recorded, and produced during Covid.  I also wrote and recorded 15 additional songs that are coming to a Television or Movie Screen near you sometime in the next couple of years.  So, during the most trying times of grief, loss, being broke, and watching the world feel like it’s on fire, I also expanded my territory and fanbase to over 30K monthly listeners on Spotify and I’m inspired on a daily basis at how the world is responding to my music.  

Real Hip Hop is back!  But like LL said..I been here for years.  The Flock is ready.  I was born ready. Let’s Keep Pushing! The sun is gonna shine again…

Come Fly With The Flock! 🔥🔥🔥

Album: Action Oriented

Produced by: Terrence Jones

Nite Owl


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