Spotify’s yearly streaming stats take over Instagram; Joyner Lucas, Chance The Rapper, Tech N9ne share big Lyrical Rap Numbers; Check out 2020’s Top Lyrical Rap List

If you’ve been on social media the last couple of days, then you know that Spotify released their yearly numbers. Its a fun time, it brings back a little excitement to the music game. At this time in the year, there’s a lull in the music industry. Check it out for yourself. Look at some of your favorite artists on Spotify. Their monthly totals are down right now, in contrast to what they were in the Summer and Fall.

This year, 2020, artists have been extra giving and sharing their Counts from Spotify. Not everyone shared, or at least I haven’t been able to find their post yet. But there has been enough lyrical rappers totals, that it gives us a picture of the Lyrical Rap industry.

If you’re an artist, this could be a tool. Look at your numbers and see where you line up with other common names in the rap industry. Use it as fuel to get where you need to go. A milestone.

I found 30 Lyrical rap artists who shared their yearly results on Instagram. These 30 rappers accounted for 2 Billion streams on Spotify over 2020. I’ve ranked them by Most Streams for the Year. I’ll try to update the list as I come across more rappers sharing their numbers. But those newcomers probably won’t be making the Featured Image. Ain’t no one got time to update that.

Joyner Lucas


It comes as no surprise that Joyner Lucas has one of the top streamer scores. I don’t know many artist within the lyrical game that would have higher numbers than him at the moment, besides Eminem. I couldn’t find a post from Marshall, so Joyner gets the top spot for now.

Chance the Rapper


Chance was a late addition to my list, seeing his share on Instagram just as I was thinking I had enough artists on my list. I don’t listen to a lot of Chance, I’m not sure how much he released in the last year, but what I do hear, I generally like. And so do a lot of other people.

Tech N9ne


Tech N9ne is a legend in the rap game, and his streaming numbers clearly show, he’s still at the top of the game. Tech N9ne went hard in 2020, along with his stable, Strange Music. Hit after hit.

Busta Rhymes


Busta still coming in strong with streams. I think I remember a few new songs from him in 2020, coming from his Album, “Extinction Level Event” but he hadn’t released anything new since 2009. That’s one strong fan base, or just one hell of a new album.

Jelly Roll


I’d say 2020 was they year Jelly Roll really hit the mainstream. He made the right moves, and got some viral success with his hard hitting songs.



This is Marshall’s rapper of the year, Chris Webby is an underground favorite from the north east. He made a strong showing in 2020, releasing a new song almost every Wednesday.



Dax had several single releases in 2020, including one album release “I’ll say it for now”. Dax has a huge cult-following, and his number will only rise next year.



From the social media winod, Futuristic appeared to be a busy man in 2020. Releasing several songs, projects, competitions, and I’m pretty sure he created an artist collaboration platform, the name has skipped my mind. Anyhow, Futuristic is the shit.



Xzibit still pumping out the big numbers! Maybe we’ll get another season of Pimp My Ride.

Vin Jay


Vin Jay has had a real climb in 2020. I think its the year he really entered the public’s eye.







King Iso




Twisted Insane






Odd Squad Family


These guys win the award for most Vibed out music ever. If you ever just want to chill and hear some great lyrics, the Odd Squad are your guys.

Jon Connor




Iso Indies




Joey Cool


Double Lyrical


According to Double Lyrical, they only put out 4 songs in 2020, and yet they still had solid numbers. Talk about an awesome fan base!



I think Versvs has rap songs with 3 or 4 artists from Eminem’s top 10 greatest rappers alive, and my dude holds his own with the best. We’ll be cheering him on when he passes the 1mill mark.



Durand was on that grind in 2020, winning competitions and putting out hit after hit. Look for this guy on the next level in 2021.



Buggie’s first year going well for him. Watch these numbers double next year as he has a few surprises planned for 2021.

Jordan Snipes


Riddy K


Homage the Lion Killer


Wondering where his name comes from? Supposedly, Homage was blading down a hill and a Mountain Lion came barreling out in front of him and he took it out.

That’s the list we pulled today. I’m sure there’s all kind of artists and fans sharing their numbers. Share your stats with us in the comments and I’ll try to get the post updated. Thanks for reading. If you like these artists I’ve shared, they all can be found in our Lyrically Rap Spotify Playlist. We’d appreciate it if you could follow it on Spotify.


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