Buggie Bars Strikes Perfect Balance With New Video For “Always Fresh” ft. Dizzy Wright

One of our favorite artists here at LyricallyRap, Buggie, dropped his latest video for “Always Fresh” the other night. Let’s take a look at this hilarious video of a very serious song.

So the premise of the video is that Buggie is suing Tim Horton’s (am i allowed to say that…eh fuck it) for stealing his slogan, “Always Fresh”, but lets break this down a little bit. First of all this video is great. Tae Klips’ vision and skill is definitely on point. This is a very well put together music video. At face value this video would seem like nothing more than Buggie having a bit of fun. The music actually lends itself to that mindset as well as the beat sounds like more of an upbeat and fun type of song. It’s when you pay attention to the lyrics that you truly begin to understand that Buggie is speaking about some very serious subjects. This is what we truly appreciate about Buggie’s work. He finds a way to make you pay attention to some very serious societal issues, through his use of humor and catchy beats. This is actually a pretty genius way of going about things if you think about it. For those that just want to appreciate the music at face value, it is very dope and well put together, but for those who go beyond and actually pay attention to what the man is saying, you’ll find a whole extra layer of topics that should be on the forefront of all our minds. You will find this strategy at no better point in this video than when “Karen” Buggie goes to visit Dr. Buggie. This starts at about the 2:20 mark and if you take nothing else from this video, please take this part of the message seriously!

Sayin all lives matter to a black lives matter is like goin to the doctor with your left arm shattered

Bad break, a disaster, need a cast and a pastor, Its a real bad fracture, hope he recognizes patterns

So you’re going to the doctor with your pain nerve scattered. Dr he cant look at her not now not after

He said why, he said rather listen up honey

I cant focus on your arm because All Bones Matter.

Buggie “Always Fresh”

Great Work Buggie!!! Be sure to stay tuned for more great music from Buggie in the near future. We will have it all for you right here at lyricallyrap!!

And as always let us know what ya think of Buggie’s latest project on any of our social media @lyricallyrap

Peace, Love, and Hip Hop Yall!!


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