Introducing Lyrically Rap’s “Label Manager Fantasy League” Who will take week one?

We’re trying out something new here, something to stir up a little friendly and hopefully entertaining competition. Welcome to Lyrically Rap’s “Label Manager Fantasy League”. Its basically Fantasy Football, but instead of comparing football stats, we’ll be drafting Lyrical Rap artist to our fantasy Rap Label. Marshall & I will go head to head to determine the best “Fantasy Rap Label”.

I want to point out, that this is all for the sake of fun and to create good content for our readers. There are a lot of blogs out there, and we’re just trying to shake things up a little. We consider the artist on each team to be some of our personal favorites. We won’t be saying anything personally offensive about any rappers, and we’d ask the same from you all. Hell, I made the pool, so they’re all my favorites.

I’ll be writing more about the Fantasy League contest, but if you would rather listen to us discuss the game on our Podcast, feel free to click to play button below. I think the podcast will play as you read. Every click counts for us!


To encourage growth, improvement, and friendly competition in the Lyrical Rap genre by using artists streaming, fan growth, and release stats in a competition similar to fantasy football.

We will have 3-month long seasons, each season will be broken up into bi-weekly rounds where we’ll compare our Artists’ streaming and social stats. Each team will have 7 rappers, who in this first season are ‘unsigned artists’. We’re loose on the rules, but I think it worked for the most part. I’m sure things will change as we go through this first season.

Head to head stats

The stats we’ve chosen are the easiest stats we could find for free. We consider the stats to be indicators of success in the musical industry, and something a real rap label may value when signing a new client. If we find some success with this idea, I may throw a little money at some data and make a system. Until then, this is what we got.

In this competition we’re going to be sharing stats from artists in different stages of their career. Which means that numbers from one artist may be a lot different than another. This competition is meant encourage growth and celebrate friendly competition. You may want to talk shit about someone else numbers. This is the rap genre we’re writing in, battling and talking shit comes with the territory. I just asked that you don’t use Lyrically Rap as that forum.

Go write a diss song or something, tell ’em we encouraged you to do it so we can go viral too!

Now lets look at the stat categories we’ll be going head to head in.

  • Spotify Monthly Listener Change
  • Youtube Total Channel View Change
  • New Track/Video Releases
  • Instagram Follower Change
  • Lyrically Rap Website Story Clicks Related to Artist
  • Lyrically Rap Social Media Likes Related to Artist

You may have noticed the last two metrics are related to our Blog. This stat encourages Marshall and I to focus a little on our team when sharing. A little way to keep us engaged I guess. These last two are also a good indicator of an Artist’s fan engagement, which is important in the long run. We’re a very small blog, with miminal clicks to the website, but we can still see trends in which rapper’s fan are more engaging. At the end of the day, hip hop artists are only as big as their fans engagment.

Those last two may not directly relate on the artist themself, but we are simulating being label managers here. Wouldn’t some of the managers job fall on marketing their new talent? So we’re being measured a little too, but we got jobs, family, and Cyberpunk just came out, so we may not be the best managers.

The Draft

We held the draft on Sunday, December 13th 2020 to begin the 1st season. We recorded live on our podcast, but I’ll list the draft order below. We made the pool of artists from of our favorite Unsigned Lyrical Rap Artists.

  1. Buggie – Team Hoosier
  2. Chris Webby – Team Marshall
  3. Ekoh – Team Hoosier
  4. Rittz – Team Marshall
  5. Jarren Benton – Team Hoosier
  6. Dax – Team Marshall
  7. Odd Squad Family – Team Hoosier
  8. Futuristic – Team Marshall
  9. Vin Jay – Team Hoosier
  10. Gawne – Team Marshall
  11. Versvs – Team Hoosier
  12. Nite Owl – Team Marshall
  13. Durand the Rapper – Team Hoosier
  14. Riddy K – Team Marshall

This is going to be exciting! Stay tuned for more post concerning the competition. We’re currently going through the base stats and making some infographics for them. We’ll get those posted shortly. As always, share away and like as much as you can. Let us know what you think!


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