LyricallyRap Presents: Decorated Battle Rap Phenom AFTA

Jonathan Hunter aka Afta is an supremely talented emcee hailing outta Bakersfield, CA, but this man excels in just about every aspect of hip hop music. Afta is a decorated battle rapper, an insanely dope producer, and from what i gather an excellent fisherman. Alright that last one doesn't have anything to do with hip [...]

Introducing Lyrically Rap’s “Label Manager Fantasy League” Who will take week one?

We're trying out something new here, something to stir up a little friendly and hopefully entertaining competition. Welcome to Lyrically Rap's "Label Manager Fantasy League". Its basically Fantasy Football, but instead of comparing football stats, we'll be drafting Lyrical Rap artist to our fantasy Rap Label. Marshall & I will go head to head to determine the best "Fantasy Rap Label".