Discover Indie Hidden Gem: 60 East

Founder of his very own music festival- Check

Tracks produced by Grammy nominated producers- Check

Performed all around the world with the likes of Nipsey Hussle, Kendrick Lamar, Mackelmore, and Joell Ortiz- Check

Do all this and still remain INDEPENDENT- CHECK!

This is 60 East!

60 East is an emerging emcee hailing outta Ontario, California. Self described as “Street Conscious” he blends a mixture of new school trap vibes, classic west coast production by some very talented producers, and great old school rhyme schemes and lyrical ability as is portrayed by his latest vibrant single, “Mind On My Money.”

This dude is all about the hip hop culture.

“I got into Hip Hop and break dancing around the 3rd grade. Around the same time my older brother got into DJing and producing. As we grew older my brother eventually started a small independent label out of our moms garage while in high school, and I started rapping. After building up a lot of momentum for several years, in 2006 right before we were about to sign a deal with a reputable company, the main Artist on our label “Space Ghost” was murdered at our aunts house. After that, everyone on the label went our own separate ways, and that’s when my solo career as an artist basically began.”

60’s unique production is as varied as I can remember in a long time. Bouncy Boom Bap, Hardcore West Coast, New School Trap, it just doesn’t matter, 60 can rap over anything and make it sound dope. He works wit a variety of producers, most notably Grammy nominated producers, Evidence, Khrysis, and Eric G.

It was a different learning process with each one of them. With Khrysis, the time we spent mostly together was outside the studio traveling and doing shows while on tour, he got to see that side of me and when it came time to cooking up he kinda directed me to try some things he may have seen me lacking in as far as content wise and subject matter. Me and Eric did all of our cooking over email, but after a while it felt like he got a feel for the type of beats I like and started sending me more specific type tracks. I got to spend the most time in the studio with Evidence. A lot of which was me just watching him make beats, till we found something we both liked. But he really coached me on my delivery and really took me out of my comfort zone, which I am grateful for, because I felt working with him made me better in the sense that now I feel I can rap over slower tempo type beats.

“Street Conscious”

As is stated earlier 60 self describes his music as a “cross between street and conscious.”

I grew up on the streets of Southern California, like Tupac said “Everybody in LA got a little but of thug in them”. I come from the street shit, the gangs, drugs, that whole world is what I came up in and would have gotten lost in had it not been for music. The music, the chasing it, the sacrificing, the knowledge that’s the conscious side of it. Some of my best friends went the other what because they didn’t have that. I’m not more one than the other, I feel like I’m equally both, and I make both type of music because i am both types. I may make a song about God or preaching some knowledge, then the next song will be about dirt I did in the streets. Its just me.

Community Activist

60 loves his communtiy and they love him back. He was named Best Hip Hop Artist by IE Weekly in 2013 making him arguably one of the most recognized MCs from the region. He also does everything he can to give back to his community.

I started a Festival a few years back (Happiness of Pursuit Festival) and always try and incorporate as many local artist and businesses as I can. I also try and be a mentor to a lot of up and coming artist that reach out to me for guidance and advice. I also recently started a Non-Profit organization with the goal of building a community center locally to help underprivileged youths in the arts community, by seeking employment and providing resources.

His festival has included performances by some pretty dope emcees, such as Mobb Deep, Conway, Benny the Butcher, Obie Trice and many others. He also has been asked to be a featured speaker at various colleges throughout Southern California.

I try to inspire them. I remember being enrolled in Community College while trying to do the rap thing, and constantly having to do homework while on tour, or drive back from another state from a show because I had class in the morning. I try to tell them about the grind and that anything is possible with the right amount of passion and hard work.

Almost There

60 has gained numerous accolades over the course of his career, yet he still remains dedicated to furthering his following and spreading his “Street Conscious” message to as many people as he can. We here at lyricallyrap support this wholeheartedly and wish him nothing but the best. Make sure to follow 60 East on all major social media and streaming platforms to see what comes next from this amazingly talented artist.


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