Chris Webby and Merkules Drop Insane New Track: Microphone Killa 2

This #WebbyWednesday brings us a real treat in “MicrophoneKilla2” C-Web teams up Merkules to reprise one of their legendary tracks from Webby’s album “Wednesday.” This is not the first time this formidable lyrical rap duo has teamed up. Let’s take a little digital stroll back in time and check out some of their earlier collabs!

Microphone Killa

The original “Microphone Killa” hits about as hard as anything from Webby’s 2017 release, Wednesday. An homage of sorts to pure lyricism and simple dope beats, this is one of the best tracks off that album. It wasn’t hard to see that these two would take over the lyrical rap game after hearing this dope cut.


Merk and C-Web team up with Lil Windex for this banger off of Webby’s 2019 release Wednesday After Next. All three of these emcees body this track but Web and Merk def stand out! Man how dope would it be to see a collab album from these two giants in the lyrical rap game.

In The Summer

The chill summer vibe this song puts off reminds you of the classic, “Summer Time” by The Fresh Prince himself, if yall are even old enough to remember that one. Might be showing my age here. “In The Summer” is that classic type of chill song you want to listen to all the way up with the windows down on one of those “cruises”. You know the smoke blowin out the window type of cruises.

And now onto the main event! The new #WebbyWednesday release we’ve all been waiting for…

Microphone killa 2

They say save the best for last. Well this last #WebbyWednesday release has got to be the best drop this year. The beat hits hard and may be Jp’s best work in a while. Web and Merk show their lyrical greatness with some insane bars, and that hook is straight fire. Kinda reminds you of some old school Meth and Red shit. This is vintage webby and then you fuck around and throw in Merkules! Two of the best in the game right now!

Let us know what yall think! Spam them comments on any of our social media @lyricallyrap!!!

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