Eminem Drops “Surpise” Album: Music to be Murdered By Side B

I’m beginning to think Em’s marketing team might just know what they’re doing. About a week ago rumors began circulating that the rap god was gonna be dropping some new music soon. A track list was “leaked” online and was covered by about every major hip hop media outlet there is. Now this is just a theory, so take it as you will, but to call this a surprise album is a bit of a stretch. Relax Stans this is actually a compliment (Lord knows we don’t want that heat yall Stans be crazy dedicated) It all fits just a little too perfectly, but hey kudos to Em’s team for keeping us engaged. Those dudes know how to sell albums. Enough about that though, lets dive into one of the GOAT’s of hip hop latest release!

First off the rap god does not let us down. I mean this album is freaking DOPE, but that’s what we come to expect from Em. Now while not every track is an instant classic, you can’t deny Em’s lyrical prowess and insane flow. It just seems to come easy to him doesn’t it? Let’s be honest whether you can relate to him or not, dude is a beast on the mic. You can’t deny him that. Let’s take a deeper look at some of our favorite tracks on this newest incarnation of “Music to be Murdered By.”

Book Of Rhymes

This one right here is Eminem at his lyrically finest. He absolutely kills this beat. The way he can seamlessly switch his flow and style in an instant right in the middle of a song and make it all fit together is something to behold. This one def my favorite track off this release.

Guns Blazing Ft. Dr Dre and Sly pyper

Oh shit, we got a Dre sighting. We don’t hear much from Dre too much anymore, but he came out of the shadows to collab with Em yet again. I mean he was the executive producer of the album along with Em, but to hear him spit some bars on top of it brings me back to a great time in hip hop. Something magical always seems to happen when these two get on the same track together.


Em spits about the current state of affairs in this world today. You don’t often hear much from Em anymore on current events. I must say this is my favorite beat on this whole release and thats saying something. Da Got That Dope absolutely kills it. This beat hits as hard as Em’s insane lyrics over the top of it. This is an amazing song and helps to cement Em’s spot at the top of the rap game.

Another Instant Classic!!

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Peace, Love, and Hip Hop!


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