Cancel Eminem?! Shady Says I Don’t Think So With New Video For “Tone Deaf” Oh cancel culture... Gen Z'ers are attempting to cancel Eminem for lyrics he recited in his smash hit with Rihanna from 2010, "Love The Way You Lie." The lyrics in question speak of setting his significant other on fire if she ever tried to leave him. This all began back in February when a... Continue Reading →

An Introduction

Welcome to Lyrically Rap, and thank you for visiting. This is a place dedicated to promoting quality lyrical rap music. New and old, undiscovered and top of the game. We are a couple of friends who've been listening to lyrical rap music for a long time. We've grown up on with favorites like Eminem, Biggy, Jay-Z, Royce, & Webby. We love a great line, a solid beat, and a strong message.

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