Chris Webby: Raw Thoughts IV

“All I gots some paper with a pen and mic, and my fucking first amendment right!” “

“Raw Thoughts”

Whoa…Lets let that one sink for a minute…

For real, watch that shit again!

Chris Webby’s “Raw Thoughts IV” goes hard for over 6 minutes on the current state of this country and its political divisiveness. While Webby has shown us he is not afraid to take it to both sides of the aisle, he takes it to another level with the latest installment in the “Raw Thoughts” series. While always proclaiming to be a Bernie Sanders follower, even he couldn’t escape his ire. Case in point, Webby spits, “Bernie I used to fuck wit you, where’s your fucking integrity. Cant go for standing for something to standing with the enemy.” Don’t worry though, Webby is an equal opportunity lyrical destroyer. He takes to task the current administration, and as always has something to say about Ted Cruz’s extremely punchable face. Webby is not afraid to say what I think a lot of us are feeling and wish we could say.

The chemistry between producer JP On Da Track and Webby is undeniable. They work so well together. JP perfectly captures the essence of this message with this dope ass beat. Another excellent installment in the “Raw Thoughts” series.

What yall think of the latest installment in the “Raw Thoughts” series from the Jedi master himself?! Hit us on any of our social media @lyricallyrap and let’s have a discussion! As always: Peace, Love, and Hip Hop yall.


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