New #webbywednesday Release, “Poison” Just Dropped!

So I’m sitting here scrolling my IG feed and eating a bowl of the best country ass vegetable soup ever made. Moms can cook! I happen to glance over at the clock and realize it’s Webby Wednesday drop time. Let’s see what Chris Webby has in store for us this week!

I mean at this point this just seems effortless to this dude.

“Poison” takes us deep into a toxic relationship. We’ve all been involved in some kind of poisonous relationship of some sort, be it with a significant other, addiction, or any other thing that negatively affects our lives. Webby’s perfectly crafted bars paint a not so rosy picture of these unfortunate situations in life. Deep and real #webbywednesday drop this week.

Let;s talk about it. What Ya’ll think of Webby’s latest single? Let us know! @lyricallyrap on all major social media platforms!

Lyrically Rap

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