Let’s Get Into The Raw Thoughts Of Chris Webby

Chris Webby’s “Raw Thoughts” are some of his dopest work in this humble author’s opinion. It’s been two years since we’ve had the pleasure of jumping into Webby’s mind, and with “Raw Thoughts IV” set to be released later this month we thought we’d remind you of why Webby has made it to the top of the game! He spits so real and raw you can’t help but be entranced with his bars. Webby goes in on so many topics and disses them all equally. Lets get into the “Raw Thoughts” of Chris Webby!

Raw Thoughts

“Bitch you done released the Krakken” perfectly opens this track up and lets you know that he is about to go off. He goes off on everything from “mumble rappers” to political figures. “Fuck Donald, Fuck Ivanka, nah for real i fucked her brains out” DOPE!

Raw Thoughts II

Webby uses this platform to go in on all forms of sexual predators. For real tho, these dudes deserved this and more. “You know how to tell if Bill O’Reilly is near, when you hear a woman scream don’t touch me.” This shit hits hard! He does not hold back on anyone!

Raw Thoughts III

Webby goes for Lil Zan’s head in this one. I mean come on did this little dude think he could come at Webby and not get roasted for his efforts. “You look like a Hot Topic store that’s evolved into a human!” Bye Bye Zan!

Raw Thoughts iv

Who does Webby destroy in this one…

We’ll find out soon!

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