Buggie Bars Drops New Video For “Follow Me” Featuring Michael Emcee

Buggie Ft. Michael Emcee “Follow Me”

If you’re fans of ours here at Lyrically Rap you should know by now that we hold this artist in high regard. Buggie constantly drops that fire and this video is no different. Buggie went back to his family’s roots in the country to shoot this banger. If yall happened to catch our podcast and interview with Buggie he went into depth with his country roots among many other topics. Seriously if yall haven’t checked out that podcast you should. Buggie drops some of his immense knowledge on hip hop and life in general. Heres the link so yall can check it out! https://www.spreaker.com/episode/41150077

Alright shameless self promotion aside, this song and video beautifully encompasses Buggies unique style and delivery. Add in the dope bars dropped by Michael Emcee and you’ve got yourself a classic hip hop/rap duo that are not to be messed with. Big ups to Buggie and Michael Emcee for this beautifully crafted song and dope video!

Make sure you guys follow both of these amazing artists wherever you can as we believe they truly are the future of Hip Hop. Buggie sitting at around 90k monthly listeners on Spotify. Lets pump those numbers up and get his “DOPE” sound out to the masses!

As always make sure to follow @lyricallyrap on all major social media platforms and be sure to tune in to our podcast series. Word on the street is we’ve got some really dope guests lined up! Yall gonna have to wait and see but theres a few big names out there!

Peace, love, and Hip Hop yall!!!

Lyrically Rap

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