Cancel Eminem?! Shady Says I Don’t Think So With New Video For “Tone Deaf”

Oh cancel culture…

Gen Z’ers are attempting to cancel Eminem for lyrics he recited in his smash hit with Rihanna from 2010, “Love The Way You Lie.” The lyrics in question speak of setting his significant other on fire if she ever tried to leave him. This all began back in February when a Tik Tok user, who has since been removed from the app, uploaded a clip highlighting these lyrics with the caption, “Yesssss lets cancel him.”

Why now after 11 years, and why not any of his plethora of other controversial lyrics? I doubt anyone will ever know. This is a scathing indictment of the way this world is changing and how its forcing some artists to censor themselves or craft their words in a certain way to avoid pissing off the PC/ cancel imbeciles. Well Eminem responded rather quickly to this attempt to censor him with a lyric video for “Tone Deaf” off of his latest release, Music to be Murdered By-Side B. Shady shows he will not be bullied into submission by these fake woke, cancel culture imbeciles. I mean did they actually think they could cancel the rap god. Must be more delusional than they seem.

Yeah, I’m sorry (huh?)

What did you say?

Oh, I can’t hear you

I have an ear infucktion and I cunt finger it out (out, haha)

Eminem “Tone Deaf”


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