An Introduction

Welcome to Lyrically Rap, and thank you for visiting. This is a place dedicated to promoting quality lyrical rap music. New and old, undiscovered and top of the game. We are a couple of friends who’ve been listening to lyrical rap music for a long time. We’ve grown up on with favorites like Eminem, Biggy, Jay-Z, Royce, & Webby. We love a great line, a solid beat, and a strong message.

Our passion is good lyrical rap music. On the daily we’re passing rap songs we find on Spotify. Discovering new artists through Spotify is where I like shuffle. Something about finding that new sound in the early days of someone’s career. It’s fun, and its nice to feel helpful. We like to share those new sounds, or even old ones we haven’t heard in a while.

Lyrical Rap Music is what we like, and we wanted to share with more people. This is our platform to promote what we find. Talk about what’s going on in the world of lyrical rap, and help some great artists and producers with hype.

We ask for only positivity here. We’re not here to bash on music we don’t like. If we don’t like a song, we simply won’t share it through our platform. We’re here to support and promote what our idea is of good lyrical rap music. We’re hoping y’all agree.

Now on to creating this damn blog.


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