Four Years Ago, J.Cole Caught the Cops Being Shady, Records Them Swarming His Home

This may be old news, but its news to me, and probably to some ya’ll too. What’s going on out there is serious, and we want to show our support. There are some shady cops out there and they need to be held accountable for their actions.

Four years ago, J.Cole rented a home in North Carolina. In the video, he imagined the home would be a chill recording studio. Musicians would come to the laid back setting, and find a chill spot down the basement and a sweet recording gig. But the cops raiding the place instead.

J.Cole’s neighbors got sucisipious and called the cops. They thought a drug ring was being ran out of the home. Not a chill recording studio. So the cops up and raid his crib. Luckily, no one was home.

“It’s also in the suburbs of a pretty wealthy neighborhood in North Carolina. So you have, predominately, African-Americans coming in and out of this house, Ubers coming, and every once in awhile you’ll see a group of us outside on the porch smoking weed,” Parrino said. “So the neighbors started getting real paranoid.”

J.Cole turned the incident into a music video. Check out the video “Neighbors”. Watch this shadiness.

You see these fools try to take down the cameras?


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