“Rap Label Fantasy League” Week 1 Opening Stat First Look

Did a little more work on some graphics tonight, and thought I would share with a quick post on the website. I’m a data guy in my real life, so playing with excel and numbers is kind of an hobby. Charts may not be for everybody, but I think it sets our First Week up nicely.

As Facebook has already informed me, heavily, that #teamMarshall is loaded and the clear victor this season. Looking at the graphic, the numbers clearly backing up what the fans are saying. If Marshall was really running his own label, he’d already be winning with numbers alone.

But to give strength to everyone, where looking at percent of increase from beginning to end in each round. We’d probably need even more weighted variables, but I ain’t that smart, and no one got time for that. We’ll hash out how we gonna score the further we get into it.

Marshall may have the best starting out group, but will they continue to make strides? Or will those powerhouse sit stagnant as the under dogs make their gains this Christmas Season? Who knows, but it should be fun.

Another thing that surprised the hell out of me, even though it probably shouldn’t. Look at @thatsdax taking the top spot in every category to start off. The man really is at the top of his game, and the numbers ain’t lying.


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