Versvs Drops New Single: “Still Sorry”

Canadian rapper Versvs just dropped his newest single and video tonight. We’re pretty big fans of his here at Lyrically Rap and for good reason. The dude is a straight emcee. Listen to some of these artists who have lent their talents to some of his tracks: KXNG Crooked, King Los, Futuristic, Gawne, Hi-Rez, and Royce da 59. Dude has collabed with almost all the members of the iconic hip hop group Slaughterhouse and I gotta tell you he holds his own plus some in all off those tracks. As he jokes in one of his tracks he almost single handedly brought Slaughterhouse back.

Lets get to the new single.

Still Sorry: Versvs

Whoa, this is the first time I’m hearing this track so this is gonna be a very raw and spontaneous review. Versvs definitely poured his heart and soul into this track. We’ve all had that girl that we just cant quit right? Lord knows I have. Versvs spits some real and personal bars trying to reach out to his ex girlfriend whom I am assuming he hasn’t spoken too in a while. Seems to me like this relationship didn’t end on the best of terms. While conversing with Versvs a few minutes before the single dropped I asked him what the new track was about and his response was simple and to the point:

My ex bro

Trying to reach out to her


That response tells me that there’s some pain in his heart and what better way to release that than put it in a song. I feel music can be very therapeutic and I hope that this can help Versvs and his ex come to terms, or at least start talking and begin the healing process.

Versvs never disappoints with his lyrical ability and that hook really drives home the point of the song. This song is a great addition to the already stellar library of music that Versvs has put out over the years.

Yall make sure to click these links below and follow Versvs on all these major platforms and check out his amazing catalogue of dope lyrical music! This dude gonna blow up even more, mark my words!

As always we’d greatly appreciate it if you’d follow us @lyricallyrap on all major media platforms! Peace, Love, and Hip Hop Yall!

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