New WebbyWednesday Release, “Triggered” Takes Aim At People Who Are Easily Offended

So when did this happen? By this, I mean the insane notion that so many people are offended by just about anything. I mean can’t people take a joke? Now I’m sure there are people out there who are gonna say you cant joke about certain things, Well I find this absolutely ludicrous.

Let me explain.

I use humor as a way to cope with all this crazy stuff that is going on in this world today. It helps me process this crap to laugh about it. Personally, I think this is a great way to deal with the craziness. It just works for me, and I assume it works for other people as well. You can still find something abhorrent and joke about it. People just need to calm down and not be so super sensitive. But, I guess that’s the world we live in now…

Chris Webby dropped his latest #webbywednesday release and it goes hard against the “snowflake” uber sensitive folks out there who get “Triggered” by just about anything.

Man I’m just sittin back watching the pussification of this whole country

Can’t say this, can’t say that

Shit, What the fuck can I say

When did ya’ll become so fucking sensitive man?

Lighten up

I’m just here to entertain you

And if that triggers you well then you’re a pussy

Intro to “Triggered” by Chris Webby

Webby goes in on the very American culture of being offended by everything. He even plays the part of one of his haters and spits some dope bars dissing himself proving that everyone just needs to be able to just take and joke and find a little humor in this world. Remember ya’ll its just entertainment!

Great work Webby!

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