Lyrically Rap Presents: Seuss Mace – A fast paced rapper with a message

Seuss Mace

We’ve been listening to Seuss Mace for a few months now. Ever since Durand the Rapper put out that “Celebration” hit in fact. Durand has an ear for good music and artists, and his collabs are fun as shit. When “Celebration” came out, and it got to the second rapper on the track, Seuss Mace, I was like “hold up, who the hell is this guy.”

“Celebration” by Durand the Rapper and Seuss Mace was our first chance to hear what had Seuss had to say. Durand is another one of our favorite unsigned artists. Make sure to check him out.

We must thank Durand. That song led to our discovery. I reached out that same day to Seuss. Told him   how dope we thought he did, and how great the rest of his catalogue was. He was responsive and has been every time we’ve reach out since. This feature has been a long time coming, and I’m happy to be finally writing it and hopefully exposing some new fans to this great lyrical hip hop artist.  

Seuss got that sick flow. He’s got all kind of styles, but its his fast paced, head nodding delivery showcases his talents. Like I said, he’s got about everything in his toolbelt of rap flows. He can spit them club beats out, serve you with a catchy tune that’ll stick in your head, then flip the script and spit real issues with truths that punch. Check out the first few songs on his latest album “Mixed not Mastered” if you want to talk about that real shit.

Seuss is good, there is no doubt about that. Where the hell the fan base at though? Why are we just now hearing this guy? I looked at his Youtube account. Seuss been rapping on there since 2013. I clicked on one of his earlier videos, “Seuss Sicko Flow” created way back in Sep 19, 2013. And damn, here’s this young as hell Seuss showing the world what he wrote down. Young buck Seuss throws it down hard. Just that video alone, back in 2013, would have told me this guy got it.

I hate that we’re just discovering this guy now, but I love that we did.

I think it’s a damn shame Seuss only sitting at 435 monthly listeners at the time of this writing. It’s a shame that he’s been making music for nearly seven years, if we’re just going off of his Youtube account, and he’s just now getting in front of bloggers like us. The rap game is a hard game to get your sound out. The algorithms, the social grinding, the luck of draw in hopes that your music gets through to the right people. Its all a damn crap shoot.

I might be on the soap box, but we’re seeing this type of shit all the time now. Quality rappers struggling to make it through the ceiling, while others get a lucky roll of the dice and break through. Its not all luck though. Its releasing music every week. Making good music every week. Catching those trending playlists to keep pumping in the listens. Its being on the social grind, ridiculous as it feels some time, daily. Its networking. Its responding. And it’s all a shame it takes so much bullshit to get artists like Seuss Mace to be heard. Ok, off soap box now.

We need ya’ll to give Seuss Mace a listen, see what you think of his sound. I think you’ll agree that he’s got some serious talent. I’m excited to hear what he has coming up and will defiantly be following his career and repping what he’s giving us. Click on some of the videos and links throughout this page. They’ll direct you to Seuss’ and others great music. We ain’t making anything off the link clicks, or for featuring Seuss Mace on the page.

We just doing what we think is write and trying to get good music out there. Lyrically Rap has been in the dark for too long, time to shed some light.

Seuss Mace Instagram Link


3 thoughts on “Lyrically Rap Presents: Seuss Mace – A fast paced rapper with a message

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  1. I agree with your review. Seuss is his own person, label, producer, etc. He’s been rapping since he was 9, he loves it & shows it. Love him!!!


  2. There is no grind harder than his gears, so to speak. Every album excells the previous and the talent is impeccable. Never once complaining about how hard he has hit the pavement. His time is coming……buckle up because this fixin to be a bumpy sick ride.


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