Best Sway in the Morning Freestyles Part Two

Welcome to the Valley of the Hyenas!!!! Sway Calloway has always had an eye for talent and he has given many a dope artist an opportunity to come on his radio show to showcase their skills. To honor the Birthday of the great Sway we're going to take a look back at 5 more of... Continue Reading →

Lyrically Rap Presents: Seuss Mace – A fast paced rapper with a message

Seuss got that sick flow. He’s got all kind of styles, but its his fast paced, head nodding delivery showcases his talents. Like I said, he’s got about everything in his toolbelt of rap flows. He can spit them club beats out, serve you with a catchy tune that’ll stick in your head, then flip the script and spit real issues with truths that punch. Check out the first few songs on his latest album “Mixed not Mastered” if you want to talk about that real shit.

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