Best Sway in the Morning Freestyles Part Two

Welcome to the Valley of the Hyenas!!!!

Sway Calloway has always had an eye for talent and he has given many a dope artist an opportunity to come on his radio show to showcase their skills. To honor the Birthday of the great Sway we’re going to take a look back at 5 more of the best freestyles from Sway in the Morning only on Shade 45! Check em out!

1. LOCKSMITH (2019)

Save the best for first is what I always say. Locksmith is one of ,if not, the best lyricists to ever grab the mic. This is the best freestyle of 2019 and one of the best that I have ever heard. Lock goes in on the state of commercial hip hop along with many other beefs he has with the industry, and throws in a few great shots at some of the wack rappers that seem to be so popular right now. This guy is so crisp with his flows and delivery, and not to mention Lock is one of the best punchline freestylers ever. From the first second to the very last Locksmith never ceases to amaze and seems like he could flow for days without ever stopping for air. “If it looks like a duck, and it quacks like a duck, either thats bad luck, or ***** thats just a duck. Best line of the whole freestyle right there.

2. King Los (2015)

Holy freaking shit, King Los absolutely murders this beat with a freestyle for the ages. The way he can rhyme off the top of the head with Sway feeding him words to rhyme is just incredible. This is real art right here. I honestly cant even find the words to describe this, just watch and be amazed.

3. Ezri (2015)

Cleveland rapper Ezri blew up the internet back in 2015 with this crazy flow. Even his acapella’s are better than a lot of rappers writtens. Dude just has that it factor. This performance really helped blow up Ezri’s career, even gaining him a record deal with Nas’ label, as well as a recurring feature on the hit show, “Empire.” Sway can make peoples careers and lucky for us he knows true talent when he sees it.

4. Token (2019)

We first saw Token freestyle on Sway back in 2016 and this is yet another case of Sway using his influence to boost an artists career into the stratosphere. This one from 2019 showcases yet again the lyrical ability of this gifted emcee. The old school 50 cent beats were a nice touch. So dope!

5. Kenny Shane

Kenny Freaking Shane. We went all the way back to 2013 for this one while Shane was still known as That Kid Era. Shane has shown throughout the years his ability to spit straight bars. He tells a crazy story in this freestyle that you have to hear to believe. It involves his girlfriend leaving him while his mother was in a coma. Thats some cold shit. Even colder though Shane gives props to her for the motivation. Crazy shit.

What Ya’ll think of this list? Which ones did we miss? Tell us about it on IG @lyricallyrap

Peace, Love, and Hip Hop Fam!


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