Best Rap Playlist Around: Lyrically Rap Presents “Fresh Rapz Vol. 6”

Your favorite hip hop bloggers/influencers are back at it again with “Fresh Rapz Vol. 6” We’ve done the work for ya and picked 20 of the freshest new tracks released recently and I promise you won’t wanna stop listening to this over and over again! We update this dope playlist every couple weeks so make sure to follow the playlist on Spotify by clicking on either link to always have the freshest new rap songs right on your Spotify. We hope you enjoy and don’t forget to submit any and all considerations to our IG: @lyricallyrap We Love hearin from ya’ll!!!

Follow that list!!!!
  1. Kvng Moses, Ekoh – “Samurai Jack (Remix)”

2. Eminem, Jack Harlow, Cordae – “Killer” Remix

3. Redd Simpkins, Jon Connor – “Money Dance”

4. Dax – “The Next Rap God”

5. Logvn- “Own Worst Enemy”

6. Vin Jay – “Beast Unleashed 4”

7. Jehry, Joey Cool, and MacKenzie Nicole – “Living Proof” 

8. Dax – “Why So Serious”

9. Young M.A. – “Maaaan (Got Me F’d Up)”

10. Buggie, Jarren Benton, Hosted by ‘The Game’ – “Greatness”

11. Sa-Roc – “The Great Escape”

12. Papoose, PHresher – “Epic”

13. 60 East, Krate Killa – “Krate Killas”

14. Connor Price – “’21 Raps”

15. Young M.A. – “Yak Thoughts”

16. Chris Webby – “World on Lock”

17. Durand, Jazzfeezy, Kyle Lee – “My Lonely”

18. ZP Ratik, Jon Connor – “Hungry”

19. Whitney Peyton, King Iso, Dizzy Wright, Grizzy Hendrix – “Give It Gas (Remix)”

20. DMX, Nas, Exodus Simmons, Denaun – “Walking In The Rain”


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