Best Spotify Rap Playlist Around – Fresh Rapz Volume 5 Out Now

This week it was hard to just to choose 20 songs for the playlist. There were some bangers out there, and we had to do some picking and choosing to get our favorite new hip hop songs on the list. At Lyrically Rap we pride ourselves on finding the best rap songs out there, regardless of followers or streaming numbers. And we think we have one of the best playlists out there. Make sure to follow it in Spotify, then give it a listen through. We promise you won’t be too upset.

The List

  1. J. Cole – “applying.pressure”
  2. Locksmith, Xzibit, Ras Kas, Brevi – “With God”
  3. Dax – “Rap Demi-God”
  4. Token – “Chit Chat”
  5. J. Cole – “the.climb.back”
  6. Mr. Green – “Stay True”
  7. Ekoh – “butterfly”
  8. Demrick, Mike & Keys, Dizzy Wright, Austin Sexton – “Blow My High”
  9. Chris Webby – “Pearly Gates”
  10. Hopsin – “Be11a Ciao”
  11. Mark Battles, Franchise, Kevin Gates – “Thankful Remix”
  12. BARZ! – “About Me”
  13. John Nonna, Eazy Mac – “John Cena”
  14. JimmyBeam – “Never Enough”
  15. Afta, Lyricc Lyricc, Da Kid Clutch- “If I Die Tomorrow”
  16. Merkules, Rittz, Savanah Dexter – “Better Myself”
  17. Kvng Moses – “Count Me Out”
  18. Osay – “Bad Girl Sinister Mix”
  19. Prometheus Beatz, Jon Connor – “Savage”
  20. Cordae – “Dream in Color”

Hip Hop Videos from Fresh Rapz

Be11a Ciao from Hospin
Rap Demigod from Dax
Chit Chat from Token
Butterfly Remix from Ekoh
Pearly Gates from Chris Webby

Let us know what you think of the Playlist! We appreciate if you can give it a follow. Let your friends know about the artist on the list. If you know someone who listens to hip hop, make sure to spread the word!


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