Ekoh – Life in Amazing Lyrical Expression

Ekoh, a lyricist from Las Vegas, gives us a fresh, new sound. Its different than the rap music that is currently out there, and that’s a good thing. Ekoh speaks of real-life situations, something that many others tend to stay away from. His production is masterful. Ekoh fuses traditional rap backdrops with a range of slick genres. A little rock, a little something new, a little something that just sets Ekoh outside the sounds that are becoming all to common.

Ekoh works for himself. Navigating the platform landscapes of Spotify, Youtube, and Apple Music. Ekoh has climbed the ladder under his own management. Emerging Lyrical rappers take notice of Ekoh. He shows that its possible to make it through the grind. It takes dedication. It takes writing. All the time. It takes work. As Ekoh attested himself recently on Instagram Live.

“Writing is my 9-to-5. I don’t do anything else. I just write all the time.”

Ekoh’s Latest Youtube release, “Why Aren’t You Angry” is his latest youtube release. An example of Ekoh’s ability to rap about real things with a strong message.

Ekoh isn’t scared to go for a deep message. He writes about real stuff. Yeah, he has other stuff, but I think his essence is his ability to get us to think. Take a listen to this song, Daudrie, featuring Almost Normal and produced by Sean Kennedy. It was released July 2017, and it tackles the difficult topics of sexual abuse and suicide.

Poured the liquor, said, “You gotta drink outta the bitch cup now”
She was game, didn’t wanna seem like she couldn’t hang
So she drank it all down and then she swigged the bottle
By the time she looked around and couldn’t find her friend
And thought that something wasn’t right and started feeling awful
This where it all gets hazy
She remembers being picked up and carried to a room
It all started going fuzzy, fading in and out
She came to, he’s on top of her with his friends around

Ekoh – “Daudrie” from First Verse

The next day at school, she was outcast
The whole student body, they had heard about it
And she just wanted to pretend it didn’t happen
But the word of this video, it got around (Got around)
They called her “slut”, said she was a lying bitch
And why the fuck would she accuse someone like him to get attention?

Ekoh – “Daudrie” from the Second Verse

I’m telling you, its some deep stuff. Got me all down after reading through those bars. But its real. A message that needs to be discussed.

Let’s end this Ekoh piece with another one of his new videos. Its a live performance for Netfest. Its dope.

Livin’ it up you can find me at home on a Saturday night
Just not givin’ a fuck, I’m not fillin’ my cup with promethazine
That is a 7up mixed with some Red Bull and grenadine
Y’all don’t be gettin’ me right like you fucked up your shit
And they gave you the wrong dose of ketamine
But it’s alright I’ve been feeling just fine
When you’re stayin’ 100 feet from me like centipedes

Ekoh – “Pickle Rick” from First Verse
Check out Ekoh’s Spotify Playlist!


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