Jehry Robinson: 20/Twenty

Ya’ll aint ready homie. I fuck wit Elites, and Jehry Robinson is that.

Tech N9ne

That is literally the first thing you hear when you listen to Jehry Robinson’s newest release, 20/Twenty! That’s some high praise from one of the greatest of all time in the hip hop universe. I happen to agree with Nina. This dude Jehry is legit and this album is incredible. We recently had the pleasure of talking with Jehry and his team and I gotta tell ya they are as humble, hard working, and appreciative as any we’ve had the pleasure of interacting with. (Big shoutout to Tara Ennis and FBA MGMT for helping get this set up!) Let’s get to know a little bit about this amazingly lyrical Strange Music artist before we jump into his latest release, 20/Twenty.


Hailing from the Empire State, Jehry Robinson has established himself as a musical force to be reckoned with. Drawing inspiration from artists such as Wyclef, J Cole and fellow New Yorker, Jay Z, Jehry came up on the independent scene, producing many of his own beats and releasing music with his FBA management before signing to Strange Music in December 2019. Fusing his influences of hip hop, alternative, reggae and pop, Jehry weaves a sonic tapestry that’s instantly engaging. His first Strange release, 20/Twenty – Chapter 1, charted at #23 on the Billboard Rap chart upon its release. No stranger to touring, Jehry is looking forward to embracing the fans of his music face-to-face as he continues to develop as an artist with more release set to come. New year, new music and a rising vision from Jehry Robinson as 20/Twenty continues to come into focus.

In 2016, he committed himself to his own artistry. Teaming up with manager and creative director Tara Ennis, he co-founded FBA Management and dove headfirst into launching a solo career. Building an infrastructure, he amassed an impressive mailing list of 2,000-plus fans and sent out hard copies of his independent self-titled Jehry Robinson EP to all of them. In between selling out shows locally, he unleashed his debut self-titled album, Pt. IV, VVI.

After reading an article about Strange Music on Forbes, he urged Tara to reach out to C.E.O. Travis O’Guin. After months of persistence and diligence the label head surprisingly returned her direct message. The two got on a plane to Kansas City with hopes of Jehry joining the Strange Music family. After more months of planning, and many conversations with O’Guin, they collectively decided to move to Kansas City. As soon as he landed Jehry got right to work on 20/Twenty. He also teamed up with Tech N9ne and Flatbush Zombies on “Look What I Did” from Tech’s ENTERFEAR album.

Simultaneously, Jehry introduced songs from his album via three chapters: 20/Twenty Chapter 120/Twenty Chapter 2, and 20/Twenty Chapter 3with all garnering spots on iTunes charts.The first release “Daylight” [feat. Tech N9ne] burst out of the gate with 171K Spotify streams and 127K YouTube views.

Now, the single “Closer to the Sun” hops along on sun-kissed reggae guitars as Jehry’s nimble rhymes stretch towards a bright and bouncy refrain. Produced by GRAMMY® nominated Wyshmaster [The Lonely Island, T-Pain, Pitbull, B.o.B], it illuminates the scope of his sound.


Lyrically Rap: I’ve noticed you have a very distinct and unique style and that comes through beautifully on your latest release. How would you describe your style and what influences you to make your music sound the way it does?

Id describe my style as intergenerational, timeless sound that hopefully resonates long after I’m gone. It’s an honest display of my thoughts & opinions. My influence comes from life, the good, the bad, and the mundane.

Jehry Robinson

Lyrically Rap: Describe to me your creative process.

Every song varies. Sometimes it’s the beat, sometimes it’s how I’m feeling in the moment. Some songs I write in 5 minutes. I also produce a lot of the records which becomes a whole other process usually starting with finding the right chords and creating from there.

Jehry Robinson

Lyrically Rap: What is it like working with a legend like Tech n9ne and strange music and how did this come to fruition?

Working with Tech is an actual dream come true. Strange Music is the most inspirational label I have ever come across. I watched a documentary on Travis & Tech and told my manager Tara to get us a meeting with them. After her persistence and multiple Instagram DMs Travis responded and she booked us two tickets to meet him. We flew out to KC to meet Travis and he really understood our vision and our company FBA, so a little more than a year later we moved out to KC and got to work in the studio. A few months later I was signed.   

Jehry Robinson

Lyrically Rap: What message do you wish for your fans to get from this album or your entire body of work in general?

I hope the understand that they are capable of achieving anything they set their minds to. I want to make people feel good

Jehry Robinson


2020 has been a crazy ass year. That is one thing I think we can all agree on in an age where no one seems to agree on anything. 20/Twenty is a more than welcome release to the turbulence of this year. I’ve gotten lost into this album the last couple days. The way Jehry can seamlessly switch styles and flows is simply incredible. There are distinct reggae, pop, and pure unadulterated hip hop feels in this incredible body of work. Jehry uses these sounds to pour out his soul through his lyrics. There are not many albums one can listen to front to back anymore, but this is definitely one of them! Dont just take my word for it, listen for yourself!

See what I mean!!

Ya’ll make sure to follow Jehry Robinson on his path to hip hop greatness through all these major media platforms. Dudes worth it!

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Peace, love, and hip hop yall!!!

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