New Album “Goodfellas” from Chach & Zvch – New Lyrical Rap Music

The young duo, Chach and Zvch dropped a new album today. These two artists are heading the next generation of lyrical rappers. At 20 years old, Chach and Zvch are discussing subjects a lot of adults do not like to face. There is a message in their lyrics, one that we share here at Lyrically Rap, that we’re tired of this pop rap crap, and want some good damn music.

I.C.M.I.C.B. (Official music video) Chach x Zvck

We shared this video before, it may have been the song we discovered Chach and Zvck from. The lyrics are deep, the message is serious. The beat is hard. A lot of wisdom with these guys.

GoodFellas (Spotify) Chach x Zvck

The opening song, and album namesake, “GoodFellas”

Spazzin’ (Spotify) Chach x Zvck

You pick up the “Many Men” Reference in this song?

Listen to the Rest of Goodfellas on Spotify

Emerging Lyrically Spotify Playlist

We’ve added some songs from Chach and Zvck’s album to our Emerging Lyrically Spotify Playlist. They join 190 other lyrical rap songs, over 11 hours worths of new, fresh, lyrics! Follow and help these artist get heard!

GoodFellas Lyrical Rap Album from Chach and Zach
GoodFellas Lyrical Rap Album from Chach and Zach

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