Lyrically Rap’s Favorite 5 New Lyrical Hip Hop Tracks – August 2020 Week 4

Jehry Robinson – Follow My Lead (Feat. King ISO)

Follow My Lead features Jehry Robinson and King Iso in a Strange Music stable collab. Jehry released his latest album, 20/Twenty, last Friday. It’s a fresh album, with multiple inspirations of music composing some hard lyrics. I believe Jehry Robinson could perform in any genre of music, we’re just lucky he’s chosen lyrical rap. Follow My Lead is one of our favorite tracks from the album, and one of our favorite picks for this week.

Nas – King’s Disease

Luckily, this is the second straight week we’ve had a Nas song in our Favorite New Release picks. King’s Disease is the title and namesake of Nas’ latest album. Nas continue to demonstrate his mastery in spitting lyrics. The production continues to be unique to Nas, creating a sound that his fans respect.

Chris Webby – On the Run

Lyrically Rap Favorite 5 could have a Chris Webby track on it every week. The dude is a beast. Webby tries to release a new album every Wednesday, in something his camp is calling #WebbyWednesday. So far, its working for them. The routine is keeping Webby in the social algorithms. If he can continue to release quality tracks, we’re fans of the decision.

Redman & Mr. Cream – Hip Hop 2020

Hip Hop 2020 is really bringing the old school vibes into the new school. Redman joins his cousin Mr. Cream and producer Mr. Green on a mission to restore Lyrical Rap to the mainstream. We share their goals, and hope that quality lyrics return to the rap game.

GAWNE & Futuristic – Michael Jordan

Rounding out our Favorite 5 New Lyrical Rap songs from the last week, we have Gawne & Futuristic in Michael Jordan. Luke Gawne is a talented lyrical rapper that does not get mentioned enough. He has a quick flow, and capable of deliver his message while also making a good song. I think Futuristic has had a song on our list every time I have written this column, so you know we’re liking his work.

We hope you enjoyed our favorite Hip Hop selections from the last week. There’s a lot of new releases each week, and it’s hard for us to listen to all of them. Let us know what some of your favorites from the past week were?


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