Lyrically Rap’s Favorite 5 New Lyrical Hip Hop Tracks – August 2020 Week 4

Follow My Lead features Jehry Robinson and King Iso in a Strange Music stable collab. Jehry released his latest album, 20/Twenty, last Friday. It's a fresh album, with multiple inspirations of music composing some hard lyrics. I believe Jehry Robinson could perform in any genre of music, we're just lucky he's chosen lyrical rap. Follow My Lead is one of our favorite tracks from the album, and one of our favorite picks for this week.

Meth is outta this world

Method Man shows that he never lost his insane lyrical game. The wordplay alone would make this a must listen. He keeps that classic meth flow while somehow evolving his game. This man should be in everyone's top ten! Check this vid and see for yourself.

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