Introducing Lyrically Rap’s New Podcast

We went and did a little extra, we recorded a podcast. Generally, we’re just writers, who don’t speak all that well. We pushed past that, knowing that having extra media was the best way to reach more of an audience. We need that audience to promote the best lyrical rap music that’s out there. These days, podcasts is where its at.

We’ve been trying to record this podcast for a couple months now. We tried once, but it went horribly. We didn’t have a clue what programs we needed, how to record properly, we were just plain out lost. Last Sunday, Marshall and I go together, made a small recording studio in my barn, and just winged it.

It’s not the best show. Its a mess, but we learned a lot of lessons along the way, and we promise the next show will be a lot better. We also learned that drinking and making a podcast do not go well together, at least not for your first attempt.

We sound like idiots this first show, but we had fun. Feel free to pass this episode, and wait for others down the way, when we hopefully improve a little.

This first episode we wanted to concentrate on our Favorite Five New Releases. Its a topic we like to cover weekly, and we felt that it would work well for our first show. Something to guide us along.

This week we’re covering these new releases:

  1. Vin Jay – Potion
  2. Kxng Crooked, Toney, Joell Ortiz – Immaculate
  3. Jarren Benton – The Bully Freestyles Season 2 Intro
  4. Locksmith, Kxng Crooked – Blasphemy
  5. Joyner Lucas – What’s Poppin Remix

Well, here we go. Don’t hate on us too bad.

Listen to the Episode on Spreaker


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