Lyrically Rap New Releases from Joyner Lucas, Ashanti, Merkules, The Game, Ekoh, Rittz, World Emcee Cypher, Krizz Kaliko
Lyrically Rap New Releases from Joyner Lucas, Ashanti, Merkules, The Game, Ekoh, Rittz, World Emcee Cypher, Krizz Kaliko

Usually Friday is the day to drop new releases, but that wasn’t the case today. I woke up and felt like it was Christmas, it was just release after release. And another one! But for real, its a good morning listening to these new songs. We got new releases from Ekoh and Rittz. Merkules and The Game. Joyner Lucas and Ashanti. Krizz Kaliko and Rittz. And some Emerging Artists I stumbled upon, the World Emcee group.

Ekoh & Rittz – Locked In

Rittz opens this song up hard. Just straight up starts spitting those bars. Mean. Rittz is the shit. We do not talk about him enough here at Lyrically Rap. We share the hell out of his songs on our Facebook stories. You all know we love Ekoh too. Both these guys fire, and bringing them together was genius. According to their social media, they were recording the video for this song last weekend. So look forward for that to release soon.

Merkules & The Game – Deathwish

We heard this was coming a few weeks ago. It got people pretty excited hearing that Merk and The Game were coming out with a song. I’m liking the guitar strumming in the background, the beat is dope. We get Merkules telling us a little bit about his past, and how this song with The Game is a dream come true. For real, ditto. Good for The Game still getting that head outside of Dre’s house. That shit made me laugh.

Joyner Lucas & Ashanti – Fall Slowly

Damn man, what the heck, this some real life stuff going on in this or what? These two straight up going to town on each other. Grindin. Slapping. Choking a bitch. What the f man. That was some intense shit. Great video though. Great song. Joyner and Ashanti already got Google going crazy about these two. Are they together? Who knows. But they know how to put real life situations into art. Respect. That’s why Joyner Lucas one of the best. He must have a new album coming up. Stay tuned for that.

Krizz Kaliko & Rittz – Foolish

This is another fun video to watch. Like some of the comments say, the video will grab your attention. The music is just an added benefit. These two got me cracking up. Especially when Tech stalking through the woods and shoots an arrow throw the camera guy. Straight Tropic Thunder stuff going on here. Make sure you hold in those Mushroom for a little longer though.

Akay the Pharaoh, Lil Dee, & Iso Indies – World Emcees Cypher

This group’s Youtube video was sitting in my Youtube watchlist. So I clicked. These Emerging Artists are putting out those bars in this Cypher. I don’t know much about them, but Lil Dee said he was 15, and that kid is bringin’ the fire. What caught me though was this beat. I’m down on this beat. I’ve been trying to make beats lately, so I’ve been paying more attention to what’s out there. There’s just something about this beat that I love. Cold. Hey World Emcee, hit us up, we’d love to do a feature.

Like I said, it was a good Thursday morning. Already got our Fav 5 for the week. Right here. This is it. Check us out on all social meida. Lyrically Rap.

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