Buggie on Lyrically Rap’s Podcast! The Only Place You Can Hear a Sneak Peak from his Upcoming Jarren Benton Collab!

Through the flu, technical issues, and on the fly late - spur of the moment craziness, we created something that was fun and hopefully our listeners could enjoy as well. Buggie was even gracious enough to allow us to release a small snippet of his upcoming collab with Jarren Benton! It's dope by the way.

Introducing Lyrically Rap’s New Podcast

We went and did a little extra, we recorded a podcast. Generally, we're just writers, who don't speak all that well. We pushed past that, knowing that having extra media was the best way to reach more of an audience. We need that audience to promote the best lyrical rap music that's out there. These days, podcasts is where its at.

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