Durand: Lyrically Rap Hidden Gem

Lyrical Rap is sometimes hard to find. There’s a lot of music out there, and a lot of ways to listen to it. What the streaming platforms and radios promote, may not always be quality hip hop. If you listen to a lot lyrical rap like us, your playlist and streaming radio stations start circling around the same songs. It’s the failure of the algorithm. There are times where the algorithm works though.

I found Durand while browsing Spotify’s “Your Discovery Weekly” playlist it had made for me. That list comes out on Mondays, and I’m always excited to find a new sound. I had been let down by the playlist the last few weeks. Writer’s block was growing, and I couldn’t concentrate on what I wanted to cover. Then a song from Durand came through. Ding. Had my story.

Durand is a Lyrically Rap #hiddengem out of Fremont, Ohio. A small town between Toledo and Cleveland in North Ohio. He has a fresh sound, great lyrics, and talented enough to perform with some of the greats in the game. Durand is a lyrically rapping champ as well, winning several online competitions.

Hip Hop Competitions

“Where Do We Go” was Durand’s first contest win back in 2015

Even before his first album release in 2017, Durand won two competitions. The first was a contest through BeatStars. When he won, he was able to collaborate with with Kutt Calhoun, an hip hop industry veteran working with Strange Music.

A couple of years later and Durand won the Futuristic competition, and he got to a feature with Futuristic. Following the win, Durand would go on to release his first album, “Good For Nothin”.

Committed is the result of Durand winning Futuristic’s competition. He was awarded an exclusive with Futuristic.

We have noticed a lot of artists entering contests, but we didn’t know much about the contests themselves. So I asked Durand how he found legitimate contest to enter, and how those contest helped with his fanbase.

It just depends on who is running the contest and how they promote it. Futuristic, Akt Aktion, Kato, and Beatstars all run legit contests like once or twice a year. You just have to be on the lookout… As far as a fan base, It grew a lot after I won the One Take contest. all the others helped a bit but it was definitely Futuristics one take contest that got me a lot more supporters

Durand via Instagram

“Good For Nothin”

“Good For Nothin” was Durand’s first album release back in 2017. The album is something I would expect to be delivered from a mainstream artist. Its a great head nodded, with chill beats and respectable flows. Durand can really spit.

“Underground Mainstream”

Underground Mainstream is an great album with an awesome name. I spent a better part of an hour chillin’ back and listening to this album. Love everything about it. This album is something I could sit back and listen to a couple times. Fire, Flexin, Broke, & Low are some of my favorites from the album.


Goodbye was released in 2020 and Durand’s latest album. Its a short collaboration between Durand and fellow artist Norad. Its a darker album, but its good. I like Durand’s music because it feels like he actually has something to say behind the sick beats. He has a message and is not just repeating the same things over and over.

New Music

Durand is just getting started. New music is coming. New EP, “Story Time” due out to drop on August 17th. Durand also is expecting collabs with Kxng Crooker and Anilyst coming later in the year. Can’t wait for those tracks. Some of our favorite rappers.

Emerging Lyrically Spotify Playlist

Here at Lyrically Rap we love to cover local, unsigned artists. We like to cover the up-and-comer. To that point, we’ve made a Spotify Playlist, Emerging Lyrically. We’ve added several of our favorite songs from Durand to the list, as well as many others artists we love!

Please follow the playlist, and share some of your favorite songs!

Follow Durand on Instagram!


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