itsxmusic: Dope Hidden Lyrical Gem

Sometimes you just find some music and can’t stop yourself from listening. That’s how we feel with X. I know yall gonna enjoy this dude as much as we do! His flow and wordplay are downright incredible and the production on his tracks is insane with some great west coast vibes. Think Dr. Dre circa early 2000’s mixed with FUTURISTIC, with just a little Slim Shady thrown in there for good measure. You can definitely recognize his influencers in these next two vids.

Dre would be proud of that one
Now thats a dope Em cover for real

X hails from Las, Vegas Nevada, the same as two other artists that we’ve covered before in Ekoh and Cryptic Kairos. Must be something in the water out there in Sin City to produce such great talent. It amazes me that this artist is not more widely streamed. He clocks in at only 10k monthly listeners on Spotify and 9k subs on YouTube. Lets bump those numbers up fam. Here’s a couple of his latest dope ass releases.

His freestyle game is freakishly on point as well, showing that this lyrical artist can do it all on the mic. He’s done a couple Bar Fight League events in which this author would call him the clear cut winner every time.

So let’s help get this amazing lyrical rap artist some more love and promote good quality lyrical rap music over that other hot garbage that is out there. Go follow his Spotify and let’s get those listens up!

And be sure to hit him up on the gram and give him a follow. You gon wanna remember this dude, I guarantee it. You can follow him on any of these major social media platforms.

What do you think of this Lyrical Rap Gem?! Do yall see the greatness and potential that we see?! Let us know on all our social media @lyricallyrap on all major platforms!

Lyrically Rap Music
Lyrically Rap

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