Cryptic Kairos Debut Single “We Live Long”

Social media sure is a wonderful thing. It allows you to connect with people you would never have met in real life. This is where I came across Cryptic Kairos and his debut single We Live Long .

An emcee from Las Vegas, NV, Kairos has used his upbringing to deliver a powerful song and message. He has had to endure poverty, neighborhood rivalries, and the death of his brother. ‘Before my brother David passed away, he never finished his music project. I consider myself picking up where my brother left off,’ stated Cryptic Kairos in a recent Q&A. ‘The new music that I’ll be releasing will be considered a tribute to my brother and an introduction of who Cryptic Kairos is.’

The production and hook on this track are top-notch, firmly entrenching Kairos in the pop-rap game. Lyrically this song is good as well, and when you mix these two together you’ve got a great debut single. ‘We Live Long’ will surely make an impact, representing very well for those who have experienced death and in return will deliver massive inspiration. I, for one, can’t wait to hear what comes next.

Check him out on all available media platforms.








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