Homage the Lion Killer – Hidden Gem in the Lyrical Rap Game

I was lucky to come across the Homage and his music.

We are just getting started here at Lyrically Rap, and with that comes the social grind. We need you all to get our message out, just like muscians need you.

We’ve been grinding on Instagram and Facebook. You probably notice with that random Friend Invite, right? Thanks for accepting it by the way. We just trying to get the message out there.

During the grind, I came across Homage. I have no idea in hell what I’m doing, but I was browsing the hashtag LyricalRap. I’m liking some content, following some other people. Then I come across a video of Homage rapping. Didn’t take long to tell he was talented.

I shared the video to Marsh, who agreed he was spitting some fire. So we reached out to Homage and asked to do a feature. Check out this video from his latest album release, “Silence is Betrayal”

Homage the Lion Killer hails from Carson City, NV and has been recording for five years. Homage’s first album, “Inscrutable Malice” came about when he shared a writing assignment with a friend, and they agreed to make an album.

Instantly apparent, straight out of high school, Homage was throwing lyrics.

Check out this track, “Devil’s Dirt” from his first album. Anybody else getting a Will Smith vibe?

Homage is a chill dude, and we’re really thankful that he allowed us to feature his music. I asked him what message he hoped fans would take away from his music. His answer is humbly inspiring.

I hope people feel empowered when listening to my stuff and reassured that it’s okay to be where you are in life. Also to be an individual and not blindly adhere to whatever the crowd is doing at the moment. I wanna inspire people to think for themselves and question everything. I also hope it brings people confidence and a realization that even though life’s hard at the end of the day there is beauty in it and it is something to be enjoyed.

Homage the lion killer

Homage has a new Lyrical Rap album out, and it shows that Homage can consistently put out solid lyrical hits.

I have a couple of favorites from the Album, but I wanted to share “Life Ain’t Nice”

I’m liking Homage’s flow. Its fun, refreshing and brings back some nostagla that I can’t place. Keeping rapping Homage. We’ll be watching out for ya. Thanks again, and keep grinding.


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