Introducing “Lyrically Rap PRESENTS” Highlighting our Favorite Lyrical Rap Songs From the Week, Emerging Lyrically Spotlight

At Lyrically Rap, we love to share a lot of lyrically rap music. There’s plenty of content moving on our social media pages, and sometimes great music gets missed. Its our mission to share quality lyrical rap music and we don’t want anyone to miss anything.

PRESENTS will be a common fixture on our website. Each Sunday we’ll take a look back at some of our favorites from the week. We’ll hype up our favorite hidden gems, and we’ll also update everyone on new additions to our EMERGING LYRICALLY Spotify Playlist.


Please Follow This Playlist on Spotify!

The Emerging Lyrically Playlist on Spotify, is a playlist that we’ll be keeping updated. Full of the Best Lyrical Rap Music that we can find. There’s sounds you’ve never heard before, and some that you know by heart. Listening is just one of the ways you can support upcoming artists get off the ground! Please follow the playlist, put it on shuffle, and relax to some quality music.

Currently, there are 71 songs at 4 hours and 9 Minutes.


Our mission is to share quality lyrically rap music. We also enjoy promoting talented hidden gems in the lyrical rap game. We want to promote these fresh sounds, and encourage more artists to develop their lyrical rap sound.

We have built some great relationships with a lot of people who love lyrical rap music. Some of our favorites relationships are with the artists themselves. We begun two weeks ago, and already we have featured 5 great lyrical rap artists. Show these guys some love, and check out our previous stories on them. Each heading has a link back to the original story.


Homage the Lion Killer


Leftside Deafinit

Cryptic Kairos

Please share this story to your hearts content, and get the word out on these amazing artists and this awesome playlist. Stay tuned, because today we have a Chris Webby Feature Upcoming.


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