Buggie: Phenom in the Making!

Here at Lyrically Rap we recently had the pleasure of interviewing a great up and coming artist. That dudes name is Buggie.

Buggie is from Windsor, Ontario Canada and is an amazing talent that you may not have heard of yet. As a kid his favorite rappers were Nelly and 50 Cent, but his number one favorite artist is Michael Jackson. Growing up he was very into poetry and would “eventually find a beat, and rap my poem over it”. While listening to his music you will find that he has never used a cuss word on any of his tracks. “I have such a large vocabulary that I don’t feel the need to fill it with cuss words.” After listening and studying his music I have found this to be true. His vocabulary is extensive and you will never hear him say the same thing twice. When asked what message he wants to portray to his listeners, Buggie says “I talk a lot about social issues in my raps (police brutality, etc). So there is a deep meaning if you pay attention.” This is what real hip hop music should be. It should give a voice to the voiceless and I think Buggie has achieved this in just the few tracks he has out right now. When asked what advice he would have for anyone who wants to get into hip-hop Buggie says, “Give it your all. Focus on flow, message, and delivery… And make all your shit sound DOPE!”

I gotta say Buggie, your shit is definitely dope! Keep your eye on this guy, he is going places! I think we’ll be hearing much more from this talented lyrical rap phenom, and I for one, can’t wait! Keep doing you Buggie!

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Oh and word has it he has a new video dropping very soon. Stay tuned to Buggie and lyricallyrap.com.


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