Leftside Deafinit – Phenom in the Lyrical Rap Game

Leftside Deafinit is a lyrical mastermind, capable of delivering deep lyrics and quality production. Leftside’s sound is a refined, fresh take to lyrical rap music. The message he delivers is not always what you think, and the beat always feels creative and different.

Lsd told us his specialty is rhyme structure, and he does create awesome lyrical bars, but he also likes to mix it up.

“Sometimes I focus on meaning. Sometimes I focus on disintegrating the meaning of the words into only sounds of verbal percussion”

Leftside Deafinit

Leftside Deafinit has worked with other great lyrical rap artists, my favorite collabs are with Twisted Insane and Slaine.

Music Box” with Twisted Insane and Leftside Deafinit is a legit hit. Take a listen.

While talking with Lsd, I mentioned that I really liked the song, “I left”. It’s the hit he recorded with Slaine. He asked me what I thought the song meant, and honestly, I’m not always good at figuring at the true meaning to lyrics. So, I told him,

“Sound like you were in love with a bi-polar chick.”

That wasn’t it though. Told you, I wasn’t good at that.

What do you think Lsd and Slaine are talking about in “New Age“?

“Heard the voice that you’d emit when I pronounced your name reversed”

“Every time you come around you’re someone else”

“This cunning temptress said I’m nothing less than of the essence”

There’s a few lines to hint at what they’re talking about in “I left”. Let us know in the comments what you think the song means?

New Age is an Example of Leftside Deafinit’s Verbal Percussion


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