New Release from Ekoh “De2our” Album Lives up to Excitement!

Tonight has been a great night for us at Lyrically Rap. Its been a day of new releases. First we had new music from Buggie. Then Rockwell kicked it in gear and released all kinds of stuff. Eminem put out the fire. Now we have a whole album release from Ekoh. How much better could it get?

I’m sure you’ve already heard, but here at Lyrically Rap are proud to share Ekoh’s De2our. Released Friday, Jul 10th 2020.

Ted Talk

Prior to the release, Ekoh had been spending a lot of time speaking with fans on Instagram live. He’s a cool dude. Look for one of his live sessions, and shoot the shit about Star Wars and how cool Spawn is. He’s open about music discussion too. He’s a genuine dude.

During his live shows, he mentioned several times his excitement about TED Talk. Like the new album, De2our, its awesome.

My Love – Featuring Grieves

I also noticed some fans gawking over this release with Grieves. They were right to be excited. Another good song.

Let Down – Featuring Futuristic

Ekoh really went out and found some quality lyrical artists to collaborate with. Let Down with Futuristic is straight twisting fire. The flow bounces nice with the beat. One of my favorites so far.

Freeverse 5

As with other Ekoh releases, he puts out something that’s called Freeverse. This one is the fifth iteration of his Freeverses. Just another example of how fire Ekoh is. I’m liking everything that he’s spitting on this album.

Man, it’s been a great night. I know there’s some more releases out there.

Ekoh’s Release Message on Facebook

Check out the whole album on Spotify! It’s a great listen.


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