Durand Releases New EP “Story Time” Serious Themes behind Lyrical Bars

Durand dropped his latest release, “Story Time” on Monday Aug 17th, 2020. Durand is a Lyrical Rapper from Fremont, Ohio. A midwestern neighbor of ours over here in Bloomington, Indiana. We covered Durand in an earlier story at Lyrical Rap, after finding him on Spotify. We love his sound, and were excited about his latest release, “Story Time”.

Durand – On My Own

(Prod. @King LeeBoy & @Sinode Productions)

The album is serious. There are some real-life issues going down in these lyrics, and Durand is not holding any truths back. Hardships, realities that we do not want to accept, hard bitter truths we don’t want to accept. Especially in the Invasiontrack.

Durand – Loner

(Prod. @King LeeBoy)

The second video to be released off the EP, “Loner”, is another serious, dark truth. The video adds another level of depth to the song, which has a catchy rhythm, that really captures the dark truth many of us have faced before. To me, I get a sad relating sense, having felt that withered touch of foreboding the bottle often brings.

Durand – Violence

Violence” has a catchy slow head nod feel going on. I like. The flow is nice, original, and goes well with some great production.

Durand – Streets featuring Cuff yo Chiick

Cuff yo Chiick and Durand hook up and make a dope release.

Check out the entire EP on Spotify.
Subscribe to Durand’s Youtube Channel!


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