Hidden Gem Spotlight: Logvn – Lyrically Rap with a Deep Message

Logvn is a hidden Lyrical Gem from Cleveland, Ohio. He raps about subjects that are real, true to himself. There are dark undertones, windows into realities we often don’t get to look into. Realities that are all to common with many of us. He gives us his stories in a multitude of lyrical flows, over well crafted musical production.

Logvn – Invisible

Logvn speaks of real things. His struggles with his father, inner demons, and pains that many share. He said this about his music.

When I started making music I wanted people to know it’s ok to feel the way they do, depressed, sad, angry, lonely etc…I remember growing up and listening to Eminem and being so amazed by the fact there was meaning in it deeper than just a song. It fueled the fire in me to go out and push harder to achieve the things I want in life and also made me feel understood when I felt like no one did. I just wanted to make music that people have that same connection to.

Logvn via IG

Logvn – No Time

Love the beat and lyrics on No Time. One of my Favorites from Logvn, it was produced in 2018.

Spotify Artist’s Playlist

If you’re like us, and digging the sound of this Hidden Gem, you should listen to rest of Logvn’s sounds on his Spotify Artist profile. Let us know what you think, or if you know of any other Hidden Gems out there that we should feature!

Check out Logvn on Instagram or any other streaming platform out there.


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