Round 2 Ends in Draw – Rap Label League adds in “Rapper Net Worth” as new Category

Twenty days later and “Week 2” wraps up. Welcome to Lyrically Rap’s Label Manager fantasy league. Where we track success indicators from Spotify, YouTube, & Instagram, from a group of drafted artists to our make-believe rap labels. The competition is currently taking place between the heads of Lyrically Rap, Hoosier & Marshall.

Lyrically Rap’s Fav5 Latest Releases

Entry 2 of our new feature, Fav5, where we like to promote Five of our Favorite new lyrical rap songs. We love sharing all types of lyrical rap music, from the local upcoming artist to the living legends. We may not capture every great release out there, but we hope what we do share is a sound that's fresh to you. New quality music from quality people.

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