Team Hoosier takes first round of Lyrically Rap’s Label Manager Fantasy League

It’s official. After all the doubt and hate, Team Hoosier takes a commanding 3-1 lead in the Lyrically Rap Label Manager Fantasy League. It did come a little later than expected though. Yeah, we may have ‘planned’ to record scores like two weeks ago. But things happen. Christmas, craziness, and stuff. We were lazy over our Christmas break.

We may be late, but we did get to putting in some stats. This round we made the final decision to compare 4 categories: Team Averages in growth over Spotify, Youtube, & Instagram, as well as Total Team New Tracks released.

After the results were tallied, Team Hoosier came out the winner of week 1. The round started on 12/13/2020 through 1/6/2021. Here’s how everything broke out.

Spotify Growth


Both teams felt a reduce in listening on Spotify over the last few weeks. The average across all artist we chosen for our teams was -1%. Durrand the Rapper, for #teamHoosier made the largest gain off all Artists with at 60% increase in listeners. Meanwhile, Buggie, also for #teamHoosier, had the most signficant loss of all artists, with a 59% decrease of monthly listeners on Spotify. Which is too bad, because Buggie was just celebrating hitting 200k monthly listeners back in November. Hopefully he has plans to get those numbers back in the right spot.

Youtube Growth

Buggie Bars

Next we looked over the percent of change in Youtube growth. #teamHoosier’s Buggie had the largest growth rate of all artists, at 11% increase. The numbers make sense. Buggie’s strategy over the last few months has been to focus on releasing videos, instead of releasing new songs. He was hoping the strategy would hold up, and allow him to continue a good running in Spotify. As we saw though, his lack of new songs took him off of some algorythm in Spotify, and his monthly listens there suffered.

Instagram Growth

Nite Owl - Bio & Press
Nite Owl

Once again #teamHoosier’s Buggie Bars leads the artist in relative Instagram Growth, with an 18% increase of fans over last week. Nite Owl was the lead on #teamMarshall with a 6% increase of fans on Instagram. The grind is real, and these guys have made a noticeable presence. Jarren Benton, Durand the Rapper, & Riddy K saw a loss of fans over the last few weeks.

New Tracks Released

Chris Webby

#teamMarshall’s only victory came in “New Tracks Released”, and his team was the clear winner here. With a total of 48 new tracks released (probably more, I got tired of counting), the artists on his team were busy. Chris Webby, the rap phenom, who was putting out tracks every Friday, came away with 20. The number is subjective, because a lot of his new releases may have been released before, but lazy again, I didn’t want to make the distinction.

Rittz, Nite Owl & Gawne released new albums at the end of year, really pushing Marshall victory in this category. #teamHoosier, lets get some new music please!

Well, that’s what we have for this round. Watch for the finish of the next round, which may last a couple weeks… or a month.. who knows. We’ll get to it at some point. Make sure to check out these artists we’re featuring, if you’re having any problems finding them, send us a hollar and we’ll share some of our favorites from each artists.

As always, please like our facebook page, instagram, and share as much as possible. We’re making no profit writing these stories, our only form of payment comes in fake social media points. We socially broke af right now.


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