Buggie on Lyrically Rap’s Podcast! The Only Place You Can Hear a Sneak Peak from his Upcoming Jarren Benton Collab!

Through the flu, technical issues, and on the fly late - spur of the moment craziness, we created something that was fun and hopefully our listeners could enjoy as well. Buggie was even gracious enough to allow us to release a small snippet of his upcoming collab with Jarren Benton! It's dope by the way.

Lyrically Rap’s Fav5 New Song Releases – August Week 3

Another week and a lot of hard decisions to be made on our New Release Favorites. Lyrically Rap's Fav5 is a weekly feature where we share our favorite 5 Lyrical Rap songs released from the last week. This week we feature some bangers from FNX, Jarren Benton, Versvs, Mark Battles & Nas. The songs are listed in no particular order below. We hope you like our picks, and please let us know in the comments what some of your favorite releases were.

Lyrically Rap’s Fav5 Latest Releases

Entry 2 of our new feature, Fav5, where we like to promote Five of our Favorite new lyrical rap songs. We love sharing all types of lyrical rap music, from the local upcoming artist to the living legends. We may not capture every great release out there, but we hope what we do share is a sound that's fresh to you. New quality music from quality people.

Jarren Benton!!

https://youtu.be/KVS2ugI9Q34 We taking you to the dirty south for this one. Jarren Benton coming with that song about his ex that we've all all thought about before. He originally signed with Hopsin's label Funk Volume, but after their breakup he signed with Jigga himself at Roc Nation. Dudes making moves. He's def got lyrical talent [...]